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Belching, also known as burping, is a common event that usually follows a meal. It is characterized by a clear, loud noise in order to expel the undesirable gas that became trapped in the stomach while swallowing, drinking, or talking. Although belching is a natural process, it leaves the person embarrassed and uncomfortable in certain situations. Therefore, proper food habits must be followed in order to avoid these uncomfortable burps.

Belching is the act of bubbling out gas from the mouth that is present in the stomach. Though some individuals find it awkward, for others, it is a natural occurrence. This external air tends to come out forcefully accompanied with a characteristic burbling noise. It does not occur regularly, as it depends on the physiological conditions of the person. Therefore, the frequency and forcefulness of burping may change. Flatulence is a related term meaning the passing of the gas from the lower gastrointestinal tract outside the body via the anus. Belching aids in relieving symptoms like dyspepsia, heartburn, and nausea, but this act happens through the mouth.

belchingThis excessive air can enter your body unconsciously while talking, cited as aerophagia, which means ‘eating air’. It may also occur due to the intake of antacids, like baking soda, which end up forming gas in the stomach. Sometimes, the abdomen becomes swelled due to overeating or consuming spicy food. This also causes the formation of gas in the stomach, leading to belching. Other than this, acidity can also be a major factor in causing belching. Acidity occurs due to maintaining a cholesterol and fat-rich diet.

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