What is Festering

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Festering is a condition where yellow/white pus develops in a wound due to bacterial infection. If a wound is left open, it is much more likely to get infected, or festering. Therefore, one should always avoid keeping wounds open.

What is Festering?

When a wound festers, it develops pus, a white or yellow, thick fluid, according to the National Skin Care Institute. Usually one can experience this in any part of the body. If the wound is not given proper attention, pus develops because of bacteria. Bacteria infect the wound, thus making it worse, and increasing the amount of time it takes to heal. The wound should be properly cleaned using Dettol and should always be covered so that bacteria cannot attack it.


According to various research studies, any wound from any number of causes, from accidents to environmental pollution, can eventually fester. Usually, if the wound is not attended to immediately, it will be attacked by bacteria and therefore produce pus, says the National Institute of Health.

Several home remedies can help dry the wound and a medicinal treatment can cure the wound. These are tried and tested methods used for generations and have been proven beneficial. If festering is not attended to immediately, it can severely worsen the wound.

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