What is Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational diabetes is the least common type of diabetes and affects pregnant women, normally in their third trimester, and is characterized by high blood sugar levels, just like other forms of diabetes.

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

The symptoms of gestational diabetes are generally minimal or mild, but can still cause complications for both mother and child, so should not be ignored. Although the symptoms typically fade after pregnancy, it still increases an individual’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

Cause of Gestational Diabetes

The cause of diabetes, including gestational, is the insulin receptors in the body not functioning properly, which causes massive spikes and plunges of blood sugar, which can be very inconvenient, and even fatal in severe situations.


Children born to a mother who suffered from gestational diabetes without treatment is much more likely to experience childhood obesity and is a likely candidate for diabetes, jaundice, or other health concerns.

As with other forms of diabetes, there is no formal cure for gestational diabetes, merely treatment options like a G.I. diet, exercise, or insulin therapy. However, due to the complications of having an infant in the womb, many people steer away from insulin therapy and instead choose natural or herbal remedies to treat gestational diabetes. These remedies can either be used alone or in conjunction with other more traditional treatment methods of gestational diabetes.

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