Thick light green-colored liquid
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Green Tea Latte Recipe

The perfect yen to your zen!
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time25 mins
Course: Beverage
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese
Keyword: green tea latte
Appliance: Hot plate
Servings: 1 cup



  • Take a large mug and add 2 teaspoons of matcha powder into it. You can sift it through a tea strainer to avoid lumps.
    Close-up of someone holding a tin of matcha and a spoonful of matcha over a green ceramic bowl and a whisk placed nearby
  • Pour water in a saucepan, bring it to a boil, and then let it cool for 2-3 minutes.
    A chef pouring water in a pan
  • Pour the boiled water over the matcha powder and whisk it until it gets a creamy, frothy texture.
    Someone pouring into a bowl of matcha placed on a bamboo mat with a bowl of matcha and spoon at the background.
  • Add milk and sugar into a saucepan, and let it simmer on low heat. Do not bring it to a boil, just heat it until small bubbles start to appear.
    Pouring fresh milk out of a plastic bottle into a saucepan
  • Use a frother to create froth in the milk. Let the foam build up according to your preference. You can skip this step if you do not have a frother. Froth just adds beauty and a bit more taste to the beverage. The green tea latte would taste just as good without the froth.
    Close-up of a milk frother frothing milk
  • Gently pour the frothed milk into the matcha green tea.
    Thick light green-colored liquid
  • If you like your green tea latte cold, add some ice cubes to it, and enjoy the drink!
    Green liquid in a plastic glass next to a potted succulent, placed on a turquoise-colored table.


Feel free to use any kind of milk depending on your taste and preference -  cow milk, soy milk, almond milk, are a few examples.
Make sure you opt for matcha powder that is made without sugar as it tastes better.