Ayahuasca in a wooden bowl along with a cup of tea
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Here's How to Make Ayahuasca Tea At Home

Savor the experience of sipping this psychoactive brew!
Cook Time5 hrs
Passive Time8 hrs
Total Time13 hrs
Course: Beverage
Cuisine: American
Keyword: ayahuasca tea
Appliance: Refrigerator, Stove
Servings: 1 liter


  • 200 ml vinegar (white vinegar or vinegar apple preferable)
  • 160 g mimosa hostilis (shredded or powdered)
  • 150 g Banisteriopsis caapi (powder)
  • 3 liters water (filtered)


  • Heat the water in a large pot until it is just about to reach boiling and then reduce to medium heat.
  • Add vinegar and mimosa hostilis to the water and stir thoroughly.
    Mimosa hostilis root bark powder in a spoon
  • Cook this for 3 hours at low-medium heat. Do not boil!
  • Filter all the liquid using a hand towel or any other cloth. Squeeze as much liquid as possible from the mimosa.
  • Store the liquid in another pot and then repeat the entire process with fresh water and the same shredded mimosa.
  • Repeat the process again. It will leave you with 3 pots of mimosa-infused liquid.
  • Combine all three pots of mimosa water and cook on medium heat. Reduce it to 1.5 liters, and make it more concentrated.
  • Put the water in the fridge and cool overnight.
  • Filter the liquid in the morning to remove any excess particulate matter.
  • Warm the liquid on the stove again, but do not boil.
  • Add the Banisteriopsis caapi powder and stir for 15-30 minutes on low heat.
  • Serve the tea in small amounts.
    Ayahuasca in a wooden bowl along with a cup of tea


The final 1-liter product will serve 26 to 28 dosages. It is a psychoactive beverage, so be mindful of the quantity.
Ayahuasca plant contains a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor. Therefore, it should never be taken with an SSRI (which is usually present in antidepressant drugs) or any other prescription medications.