Neem oil in a bottle in a white ceramic plate with mortar and pestle and some neem leaves
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DIY Neem Oil Insecticide Recipe

This organic neem insecticide is safe to use and very effective. Unlike chemical-based insecticides, it does not harm the crops. 
Course: DIY
Keyword: Neem Oil Insecticide
Appliance: Spray Bottle
Servings: 1 Bottle
Author: Paromita Datta


  • 50 ml organic neem oil 100% pure
  • 20 ml liquid dish soap


  • Purchase 100% pure neem oil from a natural health store or online. Choose organic neem oil to prevent any contamination or risk to your soil/crops.
  • Mix the neem oil with the liquid dish soap in a large jug/bottle.
  • Shake the combination thoroughly and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the neem oil mixture to any areas where insects have done damage or can be regularly found.
    Branches of neem plant with a bottle containing yellow liquid


You will want to use this neem oil insecticide within 8 hours of preparation, as the constituents will begin to interact and break down, making it less effective. If you don't need this much insecticide, you can adjust the volume while keeping these proportions in mind.