Top view of a homemade face mask with a sewing kit on a yellow background
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DIY No-Sew Face Mask

All you need is a T-shirt or a bandana and you can make a face mask for yourself. 
Prep Time10 mins
Author: Paromita Datta


  • 1 T-shirt or
  • 1 bandana
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 rubber bands or hair ties


From T-shirt

  • Cut the bottom part of the T-shirt, about 7-8" from the hem. Now cut a rectangle about 6-7" in breadth on the right side of the T-shirt. Make sure that you have about an inch of cloth above and below the cut. 
  • You should have an intact left side and two strings on the right. Now snip the strings in the middle. You will have a mask with strings. Tie the strings at the back of your head and at the neck for a snug-fitting mask. 

From Bandana

  • Fold the bandana in half. Now fold the top and the bottom so that you have a band of at least 5" in breadth. Take this band through the rubber bands or hair ties.  
  • Place the bands/ties 6" apart. Take the ends of the band and fold them in, making sure that the bands/ties are now at the two ends of the folded bandana band. Tuck one end of the bandana inside the other. 
  • You should have at least a 5" wide band with band/ties on each end. These bands or ties will loop around your ears. 
    Woman in a homemade bandana face mask.


Make sure that the T-shirt is of thick cotton material. Thin and flimsy material will not work, especially since you can get only one layer of cloth for the mask. 
Make sure that the bandana and the T-shirt cover your nose and mouth.