New Flu Vaccine Patch Keeps Needles Away

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You may not be able to use your ‘fear of needles’ as an excuse to not get your vaccines anymore. A new flu vaccine is a simple patch, which eliminates the need for needles when getting your vaccines. This has been tested on mice and has shown no side-effects.

The encouraging results have been published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The patch uses peptides which can disrupt the skin barrier to deliver the vaccine. In an animal study, the development was tested on mice who showed no changes in the skin while being observed for a period of three months.

“Scientists have been studying needle-free vaccine approaches for nearly two decades, but none of the technologies have lived up to the hype,” said Benjamin L. Miller, Ph.D., corresponding author and Dean’s Professor of Dermatology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “Our patch overcomes a lot of the challenges faced by microneedle patches for vaccine delivery, the main method that’s been tested over the years, and our efficacy and lack of toxicity make me excited about the prospect of a product that could have huge implications for global health.”

The team mentions that it can be used by anyone, thus increasing accessibility and reducing infections via needles. The patch will need to undergo human tests before we can do away with the injections Protection Status
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