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Organic Facts is a one-stop shop for all recipes fresh, delicious and healthy. We welcome all you food connoisseurs out there to share your winning recipes with us. If you are interested in being a recipe contributor, please fill the details given in the form below to get started. If your submission is chosen, we will feature it on our social media channels – Facebook and Instagram. [1] [2]

Here are our recipe submission guidelines:

  1. Please follow the instructions given in the recipe submission form below. You can add an eye-catching title and 2-3 high-resolution images for your recipe.
  2. It would be preferable if you list the ingredients in order of use and with exact measurements. Kindly mention the servings, cook and prep time, and instructions as accurately as possible.
  3. In the summary section, you can talk about the history and cultural significance of the recipe. We would love to hear if you have a personal recipe story to share!
  4. Any additional information with respect to the recipes can be added in the recipe notes’ section.
  5. We do not publish any previously published work. Any content that has appeared in any publication, print or web would be considered previously published, which also includes self-published work.
  6. Please note that Organic Facts has the right to edit the content if required.

Thank you for your submission and we would love to receive more recipes from you!

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