Millennials Actually Struggle In The Kitchen

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Don’t know what a butter-knife looks like? Don’t worry, you are not alone! A third of the millennial cannot identify some of the basic kitchenware.

A research was conducted by the home improvement company Porch to find out which age group has a better grasp on daily cooking. 750 participants across all age groups participated in the survey. The team classified the participants into three groups based on their age: [1]

  • Baby Boomers: Those born between the 1940s and 1960s. They are the people born after the Second World War when there was a drastic rise in the birth rate.
  • Generation X: Those born between the 1960s and 1980s. They are the people born during the societal shift in cultures and values.
  • Millennials: Those born between the 1960s and 1980s. They are the 21st-century adults who lean towards a more liberal life and rely heavily on gadgets and technologies.


Millennials’ Messy Kitchen

Surprisingly, 36% of the millennials were unaware of what a butter knife is. Not just that, they were clueless about kitchen tools like a garlic press, hand blender, and a salad spinner too.

While you may chuck the results saying that the millennials are better off with the ready-mix; allow us to reveal some more shocking results. More than 70% of millennials do not know how to make salads and have trouble baking cakes from the store-bought cake mix and frosting. Forget about omelets, salmon, roast chicken, garlic bread, and broccoli. But there’s hope, they can cook chocolate chip cookies from ready-made dough better than the other two generations!

This tech generation also prefers ordering cooked food over home-cooking it. When cooking at home, 59% of them lean on YouTube, blogs, and video-tutorials for help. However, the fast-paced lifestyle has made them more efficient than baby boomers in preparing a week’s worth of meals. [2]

But Here’s What Works

Although millennials have received a lot of bad press for their attitude, behavior, and liberalism; they aren’t as bad. Here are few things that millennials do better than any other generation:

  • They take their diet seriously and approach nutritionists when needed.
  • They (at least the majority) live a vegan life and thus eat more plants.
  • They are the biggest followers of organic products as they choose a healthy life.
  • They don’t hesitate to alter their diet to experiment the best fit.
  • They spend more on health products and ensure to keep themselves fit. Protection Status
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