Filtered Coffee Is the Best, Finds Study

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Is there a healthy way of making coffee? It would seem so! A team of Swedish scientists studied the association between coffee brewing method with general mortality, cardiovascular mortality and cardiovascular risk factors. The study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology linked unfiltered brew with higher mortality when compared to filtered brew. Filtered brew was also linked to lower mortality when compared to no coffee consumption. So, the healthiest method of making coffee is the filtered brew. [1]

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The findings were based on Norwegian cardiovascular surveys, comprising in all, 508,747 participants. The age group was between 20 and 79. The participants were followed for an average of 2o years. The team focused on cause-specific death. The number of deaths were 46,341 for all-cause mortality. 12,621 were attributed to cardiovascular diseases (CVD), 2894 for strokes, and 6202 for ischemic heart diseases. 59 percent of the participants preferred filtered coffee. 20 percent preferred unfiltered brew and 9 percent used both. 12 percent of the participants did not drink coffee.

The team found that coffee drinking was beneficial to one’s health, especially filtered coffee. It reduced the risk of death from any cause by 15 percent when compared with no coffee consumption. Of this, CVD risks were lowered by 12 percent in men and 20 percent in women. The lowest mortality was recorded for people who took 1 to 4 cups of filtered coffee in a day. Filtered coffee also scored favorably when compared to unfiltered coffee. Protection Status
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