Food Hygiene – Importance & Safety

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Proper food hygiene is very important when it comes to food preparation. Without washing hands and kitchen tools, diseases may easily spread. In some places though, this crucial matter is not always known and is unfortunately taken lightly. Since cross-contamination is a major cause of food poisoning and can transfer bacteria from one food item to other foods, it is crucial to be aware of how it spreads so you will know how to prevent it.

Food poisoning spreads when one food, mainly raw food, comes in contact with other types of food. Bacteria can also be transferred indirectly, for example from hands, tools, surfaces, knives, and clothes. One thing you can do for preventing cross-contamination is, keep separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods.

Refrigerators must also be checked regularly to guarantee that they are running at the proper temperature and they should also be cleaned, both inside and hygiene

Essential Tools to keep the Kitchen Clean

Kitchen Extractor & Ventilation

Another essential tool to keep your kitchen clean is to install the right kitchen extractor and ventilation systems. Over-the-cooker canopies and the ductwork leading from them are fitted with filters and should be regularly replaced.

Proper Food Hygiene Techniques

Professional food handlers must understand and implement proper food hygiene techniques. If you want to be a healthy and professional food handler, simply identifying the do’s and don’ts alone is not enough. You need to take classes and be properly certified in order to prepare food professionally.

FDA Approvals

If you have a restaurant or are in food service, you have to make sure that you have all the proper courses and certifications. You need to call your local health board for these important certificates and documents. Food hygiene is crucial to ensuring healthy food. Following these tips will prevent any possible problems that can arise regarding food preparation.

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