7 Amazing Ways To Be Happier

by Katherine Lutz last updated - Medically reviewed by Dr. Sarah Bennett

Finding ways to be happier than before is pretty much everyone’s goal, no matter how they go about it. Perhaps it’s hard work in a career, seeking fulfilling relationships or taking the time to do activities and adventures that you love.

Regardless of where you’re looking to find your happiness, positive thoughts and pep talks to yourself are a huge part of finding happiness and making the most of your situation no matter where you are in your journey.

Simple Ways To Be Happier

Here are seven positive tips to help you talk your way to happiness!

Frame Goals and Responsibilities Positively

Something that can keep a lot of people from happy, fulfilling lives is the dread of procrastination and lack of motivation.

One way to avoid procrastination and help push yourself to get through your to-do lists more efficiently is to simply reframe the way you look at all of it.

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Instead of thinking about the responsibility and required effort ahead, visualize the completed goal and reward to remind yourself that it is something you should actually be excited about.

Additionally, break all of your tasks up into the smaller actions needed to complete them. This will help to ease your anxieties, make your goals feel more attainable and generally make it easier to get started.

Aim For Positive Rhetoric

It can be easy to cloud ourselves with negativity without even realizing it.

Often, it’s easy to focus more on preparing for the worst-case scenario rather than to channel our energy into the best-case scenario. This is something people will often do to avoid disappointments.

The thing to realize is that worrying and preparing for disappointments not only takes away from the positivity of the present, but it also makes it a lot harder to bring positive outcomes towards yourself.

Surround yourself with hopeful words and your outlook will likely follow, making it a lot easier to feel energized and ready to achieve the things that will make you happy.


It may feel awkward at first if it isn’t something you are used to doing, but verbal affirmations when you wake up and fall asleep are a great way to exhibit more positivity throughout your week.

Saying things like “I am loved,” “I am valued,” “I am capable” and any other phrase that addresses the concerns and insecurities in your life will help you to speak it into existence.

Dr. Sarah Bennett, a naturopathic doctor who often works with patients by giving them lifestyle advice, stands by the power for affirmations, “It can seem like a silly thing, especially if it’s stuff that you really don’t believe yet, but it can definitely help to make the difference in how you feel when you wake up and fall asleep. It can also prompt you to think about things that make these statements true, such as how you are loved and cherished or what you are talented at.”

Generally, these positive thoughts will make it a lot easier to focus on what is good and right in your life rather than what is more stressful and anxiety-inducing.

Meditation and Contemplation

If one of the things keeping you from happiness is anxiety, this will be an especially helpful technique.

Meditation can be difficult to navigate when you are just starting out, but it’s a great way to help ease your breathing and heart rate and make it easier to relax, especially when falling asleep or before something that has you nervous.

Additionally, contemplation will help a great deal with sorting through your thoughts and emotions and feeling much less cluttered in general. A free, untangled mind is easier to live with and promotes a much calmer and happier lifestyle.

Speak Kindly

Putting out good vibes and energy to the people you interact with is a great way to have that positivity circle back to you.

Not only will the people in your life likely respond to your kindness with similar energy, but you will be surrounding yourself with happier, better interactions to help light yourself up as well. [1]

Whether it’s a conversation with friends and family, interacting with a barista at your coffee shop or conversing with coworkers, the only way you can control your environment is by making sure that what you’re putting out is as positive and kind as possible.

Practice Gratitude

Whether it’s being grateful for the bigger blessings in your life or simply saying a small “thank you” for small favors or services, having a more grateful approach to your interactions will make it easier for you to genuinely feel that gratitude.

Feeling grateful will automatically make your life feel a great deal more positive and worth feeling good about.

Even on days when negativity and misfortune seem to keep on piling up, try to find things worth thanking people for, even if that person is yourself.

Enjoy All Forms of Love

Many people think that love has to come from a significant other, but that can’t be further from the truth.

The love between friends, families, pets and any other genuine and strong relationship in your life is critical to recognize, value and strengthen.

In fact, recognizing all forms of love in your life is absolutely necessary to feel complete and strong in your relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

Familial love and self-love could always use work and attention, so be sure to cherish and develop them regularly.

In Summary

Happiness can be hard to find, especially when hardships stack up and make positivity difficult to maintain.

By talking yourself to happiness and manifesting that positivity, however, it becomes much easier to live your truth and be more fulfilled in life.

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