6 Powerful Home Remedies for Gallstones

People who have been experiencing severe pain in their upper abdominal region or in their shoulder blades for either long or sometimes short periods of time should get themselves checked for gallstones. Fortunately, there are quite a number of home remedies that can help you get rid of this trouble. Consuming coffee on a regular basis will stop gallstones before they can form inside the gallbladder. Avoiding unhealthy junk foods can also help prevent this problem. Furthermore, a regular exercise regime supported by an intake of calcium phosphate puts off gallstones. Drinking apple juice for two consecutive days and drinking a mixture of 3-ounce lemon juice and olive oil on the third day will also make a great home remedy for gallstones. Including ample amounts of vegetables and fewer carbohydrates in the diet can successfully keep stones from forming.

What Causes Gallstones?

Generally, women are prone to developing gallstones because many of them get pregnant several times over the course of their life and also suffer from other troubles like obesity. During pregnancy, an imbalance of hormones, especially estrogen, occurs in the female body, which is one of the prime causes behind the development of gallstones. The pain of gallstones is generally experienced in specific regions of the body like the upper abdomen, shoulder blades, and the back. The patient might also suffer from several vomiting bouts and chronic indigestion.

If an individual regularly consumes an excessive amount of junk foods, the cholesterol level of their body goes up, which leads to the formation of gallstones. Aging and fasting is another cause of this problem.Gallstones

Home Remedies for Gall Stones

Surgery is one of the most common methods to treat gallstones, according to the Carrboro Acupuncture Clinic. There are various home remedies that can prove helpful in reducing the stone problem, some of which are explained in greater detail below.

Healthy Diet

Diet plays an important role in keeping gallstones from forming. You need to exclude all sorts of junk foods from your regular diet plan. There should be adequate amounts of vegetables as well since they provide a preventive measure for this problem. Eating nuts that contain ample amounts of unsaturated fat particles can be quite helpful as well. First of all, you need to cut down on the intake of carbohydrates. Those who drink coffee on a regular basis often reported not having this problem. Consuming calcium phosphate can readily prevent gallstones too. It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, as this cleans the internal system and also inhibits the formation of gallstones.

Citrus Juices – Three Day Procedure

There is a slightly more complicated home remedy that can treat gallstones effectively, but it needs to be followed for at least three days. For the initial two days, the patient should only drink apple juice. On the second night, he should consume a mixture that is made of 3 ounces of fresh lemon extract and 3 ounces of dark olive oil. This drink should be consumed gradually over a period of 20 minutes until the entire mixture is consumed. On the third day, the stones should be cleared completely from your system. As the citrus fruit juices and apple juice contain pectin, it works wonders on eliminating the gallstones.

Quebra Pedra

Quebra Pedra is an herb that is effective in eradicating gallstones. This herb should be consumed in the form of tea. Two teaspoons of the herb must be boiled in 500 ml water to make a drink. The entire amount should be consumed throughout the course of the day. The treatment needs to be continued for at least two months to get visible results.

Lecithin and Vitamin C

Lecithin is a type of phospholipid particle that can easily prevent the formation of gallstones. Vitamin C plays an important role in breaking down the unwanted cholesterol present in the bile. Hence, make sure that your diet is rich in lecithin and vitamin C.


Since obesity is a major cause of the development of gallstones, people should always keep themselves fit by regularly exercising. At the same time, it is important to lose weight slowly; crash diets and dramatic changes in weight can also result in gallstones.gallstonesinfo

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is said that the pure and hundred percent natural apple cider vinegar contains acids that can eliminate gallstones effectively. They dissolve the stones slowly so they can be safely removed from the body without shocking the system.

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As the size of the gallstones varies, how a 3 or 4 or even a 5 mm size can pass through the vile duct if it is so small. I need to know before I start the protocol. Thank you!