15 Wonderful Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

The health benefits of Neroli Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, bactericidal, cordial, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative, and tonic substance.

Neroli oil is yet another essential oil from a citrus fruit. Because of that fact, most of its medicinal properties match those of other citrus essential oils. This oil is extracted by steam distillation of flowers of Neroli which has the botanical name Citrus Aurantium. There is another name, Citrus Vulgaris, which is often assigned to it as well. The chief components of this essential oil are Alpha Pinene, Alpha-Terpinene, Beta-Pinene, Camphene, Farnesol, Geraniol, Indole Nerol, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Methyl Anthranilate, Nerolidol, and Neryl Acetate.

Ever heard about Eau-de-Cologne? Do you know what it is traditionally made from? Well, now you do! It is made from this Neroli Essential Oil. Even the name Neroli is related to its use as a perfume. Being the world famous as a perfume doesn’t necessarily make something beneficial to health though. What else does this essential oil do?

Health Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Let’s take a closer look at some of the impressive health benefits that humans can enjoy by using neroli essential oil.

Relieves Chronic Depression

If you cannot escape from depression, even when you are out at parties or discotheques, you can try this essential oil to relieve your chronic depression. Neroli Essential Oil drives away sadness, invokes a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood. That is why this oil is extensively used in Aromatherapy techniques.


Those who want to relive those pink and blue moments of their youth, even in their fifties, sixties or nineties should give this essential oil a try. It not only promotes arousal and increases the libido, but it also helps to cure loss of interest in sex, frigidity, impotence and erectile dysfunctions. It has also been known to create romantic and sexual feelings, which is very important for having a happy and successful sex life. As they say, “Sex is in the brains!”

Prevents Infection

When you get a cut or wound and the doctor is too far to reach for an anti-tetanus injection, you should apply this oil to your wounds. This will effectively protect your wounds from infections and tetanus. You can then take your time to visit the doctor, but you should still definitely see a physician, just in case.

Kills Bacteria

This powerful essential oil kills bacteria and keeps your body free from a number of microbial infections and toxins. In diseases like cholera, typhoid, and food poisoning as well as certain skin conditions caused by bacteria, this oil may prove useful in giving considerable relief.

Keeps you Warm

Do you want some protection from colds during the winter? Neroli essential oil would be a very good choice. It will keep you warm and won’t let coughs and colds infect you. It will also curb the production of excess mucus and make it easy for you to breathe and sleep in winter.


This will make an “Exit” sign for the gases that build up inside your stomach and intestines. You know how it feels when you are relieved of your gases. You feel light, your appetite comes back, no more indigestion, inflammation is gone, as are stomachaches. On top of that, you get a lower blood pressure as a bonus.

Skin Care

This property of Neroli Essential Oil works better than any anti-mark cream or lotion. In fact, some herbal anti-mark applications use this essential oil. This causes scars, spots, and after-marks left by acne, boils, and pox to fade away.


Neroli essential oil promotes the generation of new cells and stimulates the health of those already present. This makes you grow bigger, stronger, and healthier.

Cures Infection

It disinfects the body as well as your surroundings while curing infections of the colon, prostate, kidneys, and urinary tracts when taken internally. In other uses, it helps cure skin infections and protects against new infections as well.

Handles Spasms

This essential oil efficiently handles spasms and gives relief from spasmodic coughs, cramps, spasmodic aches and spasmodic cholera. It also relaxes the muscles throughout the body.

Sedative Effect

It sedates all of the organ systems and metabolic functions of the body, including those in your head. It gives relief from anxiety, distress, anger, depression, inflammations, and irritations. In other words, it relaxes both the body and soul.

Acts as Tonic

Neroli essential oil safeguards all the aspects of good health, such as maintaining the correct rate of metabolism, proper circulation, and a boosted immune system.


This essential oil can also drive away foul odors. It can be used on the body as a perfume or in rooms as room fresheners or vaporizers. This will not only drive away odor but will also disinfect the rooms against germs and toxins.


Promotes Digestion

Neroli essential oil promotes digestion and increases appetite.

Moisturizes the Skin

This is one of the most popular properties of neroli essential oil, which is its ability to care for the skin. It makes the skin smooth, free from infections and adds a glamorous glow. It also helps to maintain the right moisture and oil balance in the skin.

Other Benefits

It can be used to cure neuralgia, colitis, diarrhea, and fat-cracks. It is also effective in reducing weight.

Words of Caution: There are no inherent threats of using neroli essential oil. You should avoid using it when you need to concentrate on something or if you want to avoid sleep, due to its strong sedative nature.

Blending: Neroli essential oil blends particularly well with all citrus oils. It also mixes well with the essential oils of Benzoin, Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rosemary, and Sandal Wood.

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You don't put this on the skin "neat" as in pure out of the bottle. It must be diluted in a carrier oil. Oils are generally not for ingestion no matter what companies tell you.

Why do some neroli essential oils sell for $75.00/10 ml and others sell for $7.50/10 ml?

TRUE neroli oil is extremely expensive. What yo saw for $7.50 is likely citus aurantium oil from the plant but NOT from the flowers. $75 is more for 1-2 ml than for 10 ml!. Aura cassia and wyndmere sell a dilution of neroli in a carrier oil but not sure wha the % is. The link to Aura cassia on this site does not work.
I like Wyndmere.

You can make your own, but yes this stuff is really really expensive, but well worth it!

Narender Singh Phartyal

Thanks for providing the information.

Carolyn Harrington

one ounce is over 100 dollars.

Neroli can act as an irritant on damaged skin.. so do a skin patch test first.

Dilute it in a carrier oil first though before testing.

thank you!