5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Social Media Influence

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Social media started off as a tool that helps people connect with those dear to them, but the direction has since deviated. Instead of helping people get closer to each other, social media started causing rifts and spreading negative energy. It is like you have nowhere to go to escape from the bad social media influence.

Whether it’s personal use or promoting your brand, various social networks have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Social Media Influence

In this article, we will help you combat the influence of social media in 5 ways. You will learn how to cast out negativity and all unwanted stimuli.

Identify The Problem

You shouldn’t feel guilty because social media has a negative effect on you. We’re all different and react to certain things in dissimilar manners.

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Social media refers to websites & applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Spend some time pondering about what exactly makes you anxious or nervous. Here are some of the most common negative stimuli found on social media and how to solve them:

  • Incessant posts by people you don’t like: Delete them from your friends/followers list! You don’t have to be connected with someone if you don’t want too.
  • Too many distractions: Download applications that manually limit your access to social media apps when you’re working.
  • Unrealistic standards and impulses: This is also normal if you’re exposed to too many different influencers on social media.

Realize That Nothing Is Real

Think about this for a second – do you ever see people posting their bad moments in life on social media? Do you see people often talking about failures, disappointments or blown chances? We don’t think so. Therefore, you have no reason to feel insecure about people’s expensive cars, travels and new clothes they bought.

It’s most likely that they’re terribly insecure and need to boost their confidence with boasting on social media. You only see the best fraction of their life.

Besides, you should never compare yourself to anyone. As a unique person that functions on a separate set of principles, it’s important that you look at your own goals and accomplishments.

Brands Aren’t Always Honest

When you’re browsing Instagram and you see an attractive job opening or a product ad, it’s easy to get carried away. You’re thinking “How did they know this was my niche?” or “How did they know I love denim jackets/sweaters/other product?” and remain surprised. Don’t be fooled! The key benefit of social media for brands is not branding but – sales, sales, and sales.

Be Motivated, Not Jealous

Consumerism is something normal, despite puritans criticizing such an approach. It’s in our nature to want more and to increase our comfort levels. However, it’s easy to get carried away due to the influence of social media. You see people you follow buy new shoes and other possession and you immediately wish for the same things.

Jealousy is definitely unhealthy, but you can use it as a weapon. Instead of thinking “Why does he/she have it?”, think something like “What can I do to have it?”. This simple turnaround of attitude can lead you to work much harder and treating yourself. Make a plan and be ready to make the jump.

On the other hand, a report published in Elsevier’s Body Image journal revealed that engaging on social media with attractive peers can increase feelings of negativity and insecurity about body image in young adult women. So it may be natural to be jealous of your peers and a healthier approach would be to limit social media usage. [1]

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Palm trees facing the beach. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Appreciate Little Things

No matter how enticing social media is, there is a myriad of more important things. Try turning off all of your social and virtual accounts for one week and see how amazing the 3D world and your life is!

You can call your friends out for a coffee or beer. There is time to watch movies. In fact, the only thing you will realize is how appreciative should you be. Don’t let social media kill your ‘real’ friends.

Social media is like a dark cloud hovering over our lives. Once you see how beautiful the world is through the lens of your own eye, you won’t feel the need to spend so much time on the screens.

Think about the birds on the trees or how relaxing a morning coffee is. Don’t be scared to immerse yourself in life more. It’s liberating and incredibly healthy!

Concluding Thoughts

A study carried out at the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology using social media platforms for less than 30 minutes per day can potentially lead to an improvement in overall well-being. [2]

Success is in your hands and you shouldn’t let social media distract you. Work hard and look deeply at your life. Social media is full of fake personas and unhealthy influences most of the time. With your willpower, you can shield yourself and become a more productive, more appreciative individual. Believe in yourself and be strong.

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