10 Best Soybean Oil Reviews 2017-Everything You Need to Know About Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is one of the most commonly used vegetable oils today. Although it originated in East Asia, the use has spread all over the world. The reason for that are some amazing health benefits of soybean oil, including:

  • Helps with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improves bone growth and helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves skin health

Soybean oil is mostly used in cooking and cosmetics. Considering its popularity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can choose from a wide variety of brands. That is why we’ve decided to select the best soybean oils on the market and recommend them to you:

10 Best Soybean Oil Reviews 2017

Dr. Adorable Soybean Oil

  • Organic
  • Cold pressed

If you are looking for a soybean oil to add to your own lotion, cream or other cosmetic product, you can’t go wrong by choosing Dr. Adorable brand. Aside from being a carrier for skin products, it is also an excellent massage oil. You can also use it in the kitchen, especially for grilling, considering that it has a natural high smoke point.

Healthy Harvest Soybean Cooking Oil

  • Non-GMO
  • No chemicals or other artificial ingredients

Healthy Harvest created a versatile cooking oil for your daily culinary needs. High heat cooking is easy with soybean oil as there is almost no risk of burning your food. Its unique flavor also makes it perfect for unheated cooking, adding to the taste of your salad dressings. The best part of the oil is that it is non-GMO, which means that it is as healthy as it can get.

Botanical Beauty Soybean Oil

  • 100% pure
  • External use

The main purpose of Botanical Beauty’s 100% pure soybean oil is the use in cosmetics. A high amount of linoleic acid helps reduce skin lines and wrinkles. Vitamins B, E, K, and other antioxidants moisturize your skin and promote its health. You can also add a couple of drops to a conditioner or shampoo to make your hair shiny. The product is also recommended for dry elbows.

H&B Oils Center Co Soybean Oil

  • 100% pure
  • No chemicals or other artificial ingredients

H&B Oils Center Co Soybean Oil is the perfect carrier for skin care products, including soaps, creams and lotions. It is also great for applying to dry skin that needs moisturizing, as well as sensitive skin prone to acne and eczema. The product is completely unscented.

Liquid Gold Soybean Oil

  • 100% pure
  • Cold pressed

This versatile product is often used as a carrier oil for hair care products. Essential fatty acids and other hair nutrients secure that your hair will completely absorb the product in a matter of seconds. Although this particular oil is recommended for nurturing your hair, you can also apply it to your skin or use it for cooking.

Cibaria Fior D’Italia Soybean Oil

  • Organic
  • Refined

This cold-pressed soybean oil is the perfect addition to your meals. Not only it makes your pantry and other dishes taste great, but it also helps with the digestion process. The oil is light, which means you can also use it for salad dressings. The product is officially organic certified in California, where the oil is also packed.

OliveNation Soybean Oil

  • Cold pressed
  • Organic

OliveNation offers a kosher and gluten-free soybean oil at a fairly affordable price. The product is refined to secure the best taste and a mild, neutral scent. It is primarily intended to be used in the kitchen, for all your cooking, baking, frying, and other culinary needs.

SaaQin Soybean Oil

  • Expeller pressed
  • Organic

The fact that the expeller pressed method was used means that the oil is partially refined. It will help you moisturize your skin and make it smooth. It is also very effective in repelling mosquitoes, despite the fact that the skin quickly absorbs it. It comes in two different packs – 8 Oz and 16 Oz and you can get both at very affordable prices online.

Wellsley Farms’ Soybean Oil

  • Primarily for cooking
  • Cholesterol-free

If you need a high-quality cooking oil for your restaurant, Wellsley Farms offers a large pack of its soybean oil at an affordable price. The oil can be used for multiple cooking purposes, including sautéing, baking, stir-frying, as well as a dressing for salads. It contains no trans-fats or cholesterol, making it a very healthy option.

Innisfree Soybean Energy Oil

  • Cosmetic product
  • Artificial fragrance

This soybean energy oil cosmetic product by Innisfree combines the extract of soybean seeds from Jeju Island with mineral oil, silicon oil and five other ingredients. It purifies the tone of your skin, moisturizes it and provides a smooth effect. The product will help you make your skin shiny and promote its health.

Information About Choosing, Buying and Storing Soybean Oil

There is one essential thing to know when it comes to buying soybean oil- always make sure that the product is made by a reputable brand. Don’t go to local stores or markets looking for a suspicious homemade solution, unless you are absolutely sure about the ingredients. The best way to make sure that you are getting a high-quality soybean oil it to buy from renowned brands, whose products can be found in big online stores such as Amazon.

As with other oils, soybean oil also can be refined and unrefined. Refined oils maybe don’t have as high amounts of healthy ingredients as their unrefined counterparts, but they last longer and are still great for cooking. Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you are buying an organic oil, make sure to read the label to make sure it has all the required organic certifications.

When you complete the purchase and the soybean oil arrives, the important thing to now is to keep it in a dark and cool place. If the average daily temperature goes over 25 C, you might consider putting it in the fridge. In this case, you can use a small oil dispensing bottle to transfer the amount you need for daily use.

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