4 Amazing Curry Leaves Substitute

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Finding a curry leaves substitute is quite easy, and since they aren’t the most common ingredient in your spice shelf, an alternative might be necessary.

Curry Leaves Substitute

The best curry leaves substitutes to be added include the following:


Although the flavor isn’t exactly the same, there are a number of similar flavor notes in basil, which can help provide your meals with a floral zest or bite. Many chefs recommend an equal 1:1 replacement ratio for basil leaves to curry leaves. Dried basil in powdered form can also be used, but the flavor effect may not be as noticeable.

Bay Leaf

Curry leaves are unique as they have both sweet and savory notes, which is why the meals prepared with them have such an original and memorable flavor. Bay leaves provide a potent and concentrated flavor when included in soups, stews, and curries, and is widely considered a great curry leaf substitute.

Lemon Balm

While lemon balm leans toward the sweet and acidic, some chefs enjoy the light notes of lemon balm as a replacement for curry leaves. The aroma of lemon balm is quite similar to curry leaves, although the taste is slightly different.

Lime Zest

Perhaps the best substitute for curry leaves, lime zest can be scraped off the outer edge of the fruit and added to many different dishes to provide the same bite and flavor as a few curry leaves in your dish.

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