7 Wonderful Benefits of Lipped Mussel

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The health benefits of lipped mussel include its ability to prevent arthritis, lower inflammation, improve skin health, increase fertility, boost circulation, aid nerve function, and protect the heart.

Lipped Mussel

When we think of seafood being a big boost for our health, it usually has to do with fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and critical minerals – all typically gained by eating fish, like salmon and other nutrient-dense species. However, we rarely think of mollusks as important sources of nutrients. Green-lipped mussels, typically found in New Zealand and nearby regions, do have a wealth of nutrients and potential health benefits that people have been enjoying in those areas for centuries. With the scientific name Perna canaliculus, this bivalve mollusk is economically important to the nation of New Zealand but is also highly sought after around the world, due to its potential nutritional benefits.

The value of these lipped mussels is their ability to inhibit certain pathways in the body that can lead to inflammation and other complications. By keeping those pathways shut off, these mollusks can have a rapid and measurable effect on overall health. However, much of the nutritional value from these mollusks will disappear after being cooked or frozen. This leaves eating them raw, which some people like to do, or relying on a supplemental form of this beneficial food. Although adding another pill to your health regimen may not sound ideal, the effects of this powerful nutritional supplement may change your mind.

Health Benefits of Lipped Mussel

Let’s take a closer look at the many health benefits of lipped mussel.

Fights Arthritis

This particular mollusk is famous for its impact on arthritis. After seeing local New Zealanders and local tribesmen well into their old age showing few signs of bone deterioration or joint pain, it was realized that something they were eating must have powerful properties. When lipped mussels were identified as such a large part of their diet, research revealed the pathway-inhibiting properties of this bivalve. By stimulating the formation of leukotrienes, lipped mussels can seriously reduce inflammation, which is the main cause of arthritis.

Osteoporosis and Bone Health

When inflammation is eliminated, the bones don’t suffer as much stress, and there is a much smaller chance of bone degradation over time. There is more than inhibitory activity in these lipped mussels; there are also crucial minerals and organic compounds that lend strength and stability to the bones and teeth, thereby keeping you stronger, longer.

Improves Circulation

Keeping blood flow healthy and constant is crucial to the health of every system, and when blood vessels weaken or break, it can cause a wide range of issues. To improve energy levels and the speed of healing, as well as preventing heart attacks and atherosclerosis, lipped mussel can be a great choice. The active ingredients and minerals help to strengthen arterial walls, thereby boosting circulation efficiency and the strength of your cardiovascular system.

Increases Fertility

Although research is ongoing in this particular area, studies have shown that lipped mussels can increase the viscosity and volume of sexual fluids in both men and women, thereby increasing chances of conception.

Boosts Immunity

One of the lesser-known qualities of lipped mussels is their impact on the immune system. They can help ward off infections, have a natural antibacterial quality, and helps to stimulate the formation of antibodies in those who regularly consume it.

Nervous Function

Ensuring the proper function of your nerves is an important aspect of health, and studies have shown that lipped mussels can improve nerve cell function, thereby boosting muscle, tissue, and bone sensitivity. This can help your body behave and self-regulate itself more effectively and you can see improvements in your energy levels, mood, dexterity, and metabolism.

Skin Care

Most of the benefits of lipped mussels seem to be internal, but when it comes to the appearance and health of your skin, hair, teeth, and nails, the essential nutrients and minerals found in lipped mussels, including omega-3 fatty acids, are sure to give you an esthetic beauty boost. Many people seek out this supplement for this reason alone, as the benefits are similar to fish oil supplements, if not better!

Word of Caution: Although the benefits are impressive, there are some side effects to be careful of. Those with sensitive stomachs often experience diarrhea, excessive gas, or stomach upset when eating lipped mussels, although these symptoms are lessened in supplement form. There is some evidence of complications during pregnancy when this high concentration of minerals and compounds are added to the diet, so pregnant women may want to avoid these supplements. As always, speak with a trained medical professional before making major changes to your dietary regiment.

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