9 Impressive Benefits of Horsetail

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The impressive benefits of horsetail include its ability to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, increase cognitive function, and relieve respiratory issues. It also helps soothe the skin, protect bones, and promote oral health. It aids in detoxifying the body, managing diabetes, and promoting hair care.

What is Horsetail?

Horsetail is a plant with the common name of Equisetum, which is the last remaining species of the genus of that name. It is also known as puzzlegrass. The remaining members of that genus have gone extinct, so this is truly a blast from the past, and has some unique characteristics to go with that great backstory! They are defined by a singular vascular shoot that forms the main stem and the leaves are largely non-photosynthetic. Furthermore, they reproduce via spores, not seeds – a very unusual quality for a plant. Historical records include mentions of horsetail being used for myriad health issues dating back to Greek and Roman times. [1]

When horsetail is consumed, minerals and unique organic compounds are passed on to us, resulting in a wide variety of health benefits. Some of the active ingredients that make the herbal remedy potent include antioxidant compounds, silica, and other phytochemicals that can have dramatic effects on the body. [2]

Health Benefits of Horsetail

Horsetail has many amazing health benefits. Let us discuss them in detail below.

Boosts Immunity

Horsetail has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, meaning that the extract can protect against the invasion of foreign pathogens and substances that can compromise our immune system. This is particularly effective when you have been wounded or are recovering from an illness, as infections can be much more severe when they attack an already weakened immune system. [3]

Inflammation Relief

If you regularly experience painful swelling and inflammation in parts of your body, whether due to injury, arthritis, gout, or any other condition, adding horsetail tea or supplements to your health regimen can be of great use. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds found in this herb can quickly alleviate those symptoms and get you back on your feet. [4]

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Horsetail is an herbal remedy that dates back to ancient Roman and Greek times. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Strengthens Bones

Silicon is one of the rarest minerals needed by our body and there are very few accessible sources of it in our diet, which is why you so often find it in supplement form. However, horsetail has naturally high concentrations of silicon, which is a key element in protecting bone mineral density and integrity as we age. If you are at high risk of osteoporosis or already suffer from bone degradation, then adding horsetail to your diet is an easy solution to slow the decline, and even reverse it in some cases! [5]

Increases Cognition

Horsetail’s antioxidant effects have been linked to higher cognitive abilities in laboratory studies, probably owing to the increase in neural pathway efficiency when free radicals are eliminated from the system. This means that horsetail is not only a brain-boosting herb, but it may protect you from cognitive disorders. [6] [7]

Respiratory Issues

If you suffer from respiratory issues, such as congestion or frequent colds, drinking horsetail tea can be a wonderful solution. It acts as an expectorant, clearing out mucus and phlegm where bacteria can lodge and grow, while also helping strengthen the immune system and relieve inflammation, resulting in respiratory relief. [8]

Skin Care

Horsetail extract is commonly found in various creams and organic beauty products, as the unique and complex mixture of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, silica, and other compounds, which are powerful skin care agents. If you want to reduce the redness of boils or acne, eliminate eczema or psoriasis, or prevent premature aging, horsetail extract contains all of the necessary components to do that. [9]

Helps Reverse Diabetes

Research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology has connected the use of horsetail supplements and tea to more balanced insulin levels in the body, namely in the rapid lowering of blood sugar when necessary. While this is an effective method of diabetes management, it should only be used for a short time, or when absolutely necessary. It can have long-term impacts if consumed for longer than two months in succession. [10]

Kidney Health

Regulating urination and the elimination of toxins is crucial to overall health, and horsetail extract can help achieve that. Connections have been made between increased uric acid elimination and horsetail consumption. Uric acid is what creates painful kidney stones, which can cause the kidneys to work inefficiently. Therefore, by increasing the natural excretion of this acid, there is no build-up and your kidney health is protected. [11]

Hair Care

The rich mixture of minerals and organic compounds in horsetail have also made it a popular element in hair care products, namely to increase the strength of the hair and improve its health. You can reduce hair loss, strengthen hair follicles, and even boost the luster and shine of your hair by using horsetail extracts in your hair care products. [12]


You can consume horsetail as a supplement, in capsule form, or it can be brewed directly into a tea, but this is a powerful compound and therefore, should only be used moderately.

Word of Caution: There are some side effects to horsetail, but they generally only manifest after taking the herb for more than two months straight. The effects on your body can be very powerful and beneficial, as we have seen above, but care must be taken. If you are pregnant or lactating, don’t consume this herb, and for everyone else, speak to a trained medical professional or your physician before adding this high-impact herb to your health regimen.

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