5 Surprising Benefits of Sex

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Some of the health benefits of sex include muscle toning, relief from stress, improved immunity, cardiovascular strength, and mental fitness. It also brings you closer to your partner, while making you relaxed, happy, and tension-free.

The release of the oxytocin hormone during an orgasm helps you make your emotional bonding stronger. In addition, the oxytocin helps regulate normal blood pressure levels and gives relief from any painful sensations. Doctors further state that having an orgasm is like re-booting your entire system.

The health benefits of sex are no longer unknown to people across the globe as they used to be in more conservative times. Sex is a three letter word that needs the support of many four letter words such as love and lust to complete it. Sex in a relationship of love, trust, and intimacy has a number of health benefits. [1]

Since many may argue that we should exercise daily, eat good nutritious food and take multivitamins for good health, then is sex really necessary? The answer is YES. Doctors suggest that we practice safe sex, which is definitely good for your overall health. The Biological Psychology Journal contains research reports from Scotland that demonstrate sexual practices as being helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Sex

Most people have sex since it is a pleasurable experience. Now, there are even more reasons to continue that pleasurable activity between the sheets. Sex can do wonders for your overall well being and health.

According to the Stanford Daily, a reduction in stress and depression are among the Top 10 health benefits of sex. Some of the health benefits of sex include the following.

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Beyond procreation and pleasure, sex is also beneficial for our health. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Reduces Headaches

Sex can even help to relieve pain. During sexual activity, the hormone oxytocin is secreted by the body. This secretion leads to the release of endorphins, which are known to eliminate nagging headaches, stomach cramps, and body aches.

Improves Blood Circulation

Sexual arousal increases the flow of blood to the brain at a quicker rate. Increased heart rate and a good blood supply to the brain results in superior brain functioning. This healthy blood flow generates more oxygen and the body also gets rid of toxic waste.

Relieves Stress

Recent medical studies have proved that people who indulge in safe, healthy sex are happier, more relaxed, and more stress-free than others who are deprived of adequate sex in their lives. It is proven that people who have regular sex enjoy deep sleep at night and remain fresh for the whole day.

Increases Life Span

According to medical reports, two to three orgasms in a week can increase your life span. The hormone DHEA works as an anti-depressant and improves immunity levels in the body. It also repairs tissue damage and improves your complexion and skin.

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The health benefits of safe sex. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Body Awareness

Due to regular sex, we take proper care of our body. In order to look pleasing to our partners, we try to stay fit and in good shape. Sexual intercourse also burns off almost 100 to 200 calories every thirty minutes. So, all of those who want to lose those extra pounds can happily indulge in some extra sex.

More about Sex

Regular sexual activity boosts the body’s testosterone and estrogen levels. Testosterone fortifies muscles and bones in our body and it also keeps the heart in excellent condition. In women, proper estrogen levels help prevent major heart ailments. In today’s busy life, you may not have too much time for good sex, but you should always make that extra effort for a perfect, happy, and healthy family.

Note: Indulging in unsafe sex can make you prone to AIDS and STDs, so be careful. Sex can make you healthier, but doing it improperly can be a very unsafe lifestyle choice.

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