What Is A Mesomorph Body Type

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Are you one of those people who naturally tend to gain muscle easily? You could be a mesomorph body type. Before delving into the best diet and workout for you, let’s find out more about body types.

In the 1940s, an American psychologist WH Sheldon developed a classification system or somatype, based on broad physical characteristics. Sheldon believed that human beings can be broadly divided into three basic body types – the mesomorph, the ectomorph, and the endomorph and that each body type has a certain temperament. Sheldon’s theory on body types became widely known in the 1950s and has, since then, entered into popular culture. However, it has received its fair share of criticism as being a generic theory, made without any proper scientific basis and with limited sample size. The body type theory has been modified over the years and incorporated in several sports science and physical education curriculums across the world. [1]

In this article, we will find out more about what it means to be a mesomorph body type.

Mesomorph Body Type

A mesomorph is a person who has a naturally muscular, athletic body, according to the classification system developed by WH Sheldon. An ectomorph is a person who has a round and soft body while an endomorph is someone who is lean and often tall. Each person, Sheldon believed, is primarily a mesomorph, endomorph, or ectomorph but everybody has a variation of all three types. [2] [3]

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According to a post by nutrition and food experts, Tiffani Bachus, R.D.N., and Erin Macdonald, R.D.N., in the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a nonprofit fitness certification, education, and training provider, people with a mesomorph body type have a moderate body frame and are well proportioned. They usually have wide shoulders, a small waistline, and low body fat levels. If you are a mesomorph body type, it is believed that you can build a muscular body more easily than people with ectomorph or endomorph body types. [4]


The ACE report suggests that a mesomorph plate should be divided into three equal portions of protein, vegetable or fruit, and whole grains or healthy fats. While there are no studies on diets specifically for mesomorphs, it is advisable to have a wholesome diet while exercising every day. According to the 2015-2020 American Dietary Guidelines, a healthy diet includes whole grains, vegetables (leafy, legumes, and starchy vegetables), fruits, dairy products that are low in fat, oils, and a variety of protein-rich foods like fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, legumes, and soy products. Saturated fat, sugar, and sodium intake must be limited. [5] [6]


A 2018 report in PLOS One journal revealed that people of mesomorph body type are able to do anaerobic exercises such as bench press and back squats with more ease than people of an ectomorph or endomorph body type. However, there is no particular exercise routine that is associated with body types. [7]

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (Second Edition), adults need at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. This could include brisk walking or dancing. Adults also need muscle-strengthening exercises like lifting weights or freestyle activities like push-ups and squats at least 2 days a week. However, if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, the training may need to be monitored by an expert. [8]

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