Benefits & Side Effects of Papaya Enzyme

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If you have never heard of papaya enzyme, you may be missing out on the most unique and powerful component found within these delicious fruits.

What is Papaya Enzyme?

Papaya is a famous fruit for plenty of reasons, namely its taste, but there are also a number of enzymes in papaya, like papain, amylase, and protease that have powerful effects on overall health, including digestive function. Papaya enzyme has, therefore, become a popular term in recent years, and many of these enzymes are extracted and concentrated in digestive supplements. Papain is the most famous enzyme found in papaya fruit, and can significantly improve the digestion of protein within our body, making more of that energy available. Carica papaya lipase is another important digestive enzyme found in this fruit and can help to break down dietary fat, relieving some of the strain on the pancreas. [1]

A quarter of papaya with three small pieces kept on a leaf

Papaya is a beneficial fruit for balancing cholesterol levels. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

While you can benefit from both of these enzymes by simply eating the fruit, many people prefer to take the stronger form (supplements) of these enzymes to provide a measurable boost to their digestive efficiency and overall health.

Papaya Enzyme Benefits

The most impressive benefits of papaya enzyme include its effects on skin appearance, obesity, indigestion, poor nutrient uptake, intestinal parasites, and heartburn, among others.

Skin Care

Research has shown that papaya enzyme is able to reduce free radical activity and reduce inflammation, as well as reduce signs of premature aging like wrinkles, age spots, and other superficial blemishes. [2]

Treats Obesity

By improving digestive abilities, papaya enzyme can improve nutrient uptake, promote natural bowel movements, and increase feelings of fullness, which can help with obesity and weight loss. [3]

Treats Intestinal Parasites

Many studies have found that this enzyme has anti-parasitic qualities, and has helped millions of people as a natural remedy for these types of infections. [4]

Aids in Digestion

If you have poor digestive health, it can often be from food being improperly digested; this enzyme can help prevent nutrient deficiencies and ensure your body gets what it needs. [5]

Papaya Enzyme Side Effects

There are some side effects to taking this enzyme supplement, or eating too much papaya, particularly if you are pregnant, already suffer from kidney stones, have a known allergy to papaya, or are already constipated. Women who are breastfeeding should also avoid this supplement and excess papaya consumption unless specifically directed by a doctor. Protection Status
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