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10 Best Flaxseed Oil Reviews 2017 – Your One-Stop Guide to Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil or, as some people know it, linseed oil is derived from seeds of the flax plant. Unlike other plant-based oils, it shouldn’t be used in cooking. Instead, its primary use is as a nutritional supplement, considering that it has amazing benefits for the human body, including high levels of Omega-3 acids. Flaxseed oil promotes the overall well-being and it enhances the health of your cardiovascular and immune system. It’s also nourishing for hair, skin, and nails. There are many flaxseed oils on the market and people are often having troubles with choosing which one to buy. That is ... Read more

10 Best Olive Oil Reviews 2017- Do read this before buying!

Olive oil is made from the fruit harvested from olive trees. It owes its popularity to health benefits and culinary usefulness. It is used in numerous diet plans because it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which help with the weight loss. It also promotes heart health, regulates high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Olive oil is primarily used in cooking, but it can also be used to nurture your skin and hair. Some of the best olive oils are made in the Mediterranean region and in Napa Valley, California. It’s hard to choose ... Read more

10 Best Palm Oil Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Perfect Oil for Your Needs

Palm oil is derived from the fruit of the palm trees. It has a natural red color because it is rich in beta-carotene. It has two primary uses – as a cooking oil and in cosmetics. In cooking, it is usually used for baking, sauces, soups, and even popcorn, while in cosmetics it’s one of the main ingredients of many soaps and creams. The benefits of palm oil are extensive as they help to prevent brain disease and cancer, as well as vitamin A deficiency. It is also used in treating high cholesterol and blood pressure. If you are not ... Read more

10 Best Sesame Oil Reviews 2017 – The Only Guide You’ll Need for Buying

Sesame oil is an edible oil derived from sesame seeds. It is most popular in Asia and the Asian cuisine has been using the product for centuries. Another important use of sesame oil is in medicine, especially Ayurveda, where the product is use in massage therapy and aromatherapy, as well as a base oil for various skin care products. Sesame oil has multiple benefits, including: It regulates your blood pressure and glucose levels It helps to prevent multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis It works great as a skin moisturizer and detoxifier It works as a natural sunscreen It promotes your hair ... Read more

10 Best Rice Bran Oil Reviews 2017-Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying

Rice bran oil is getting increasingly popular nowadays. It is because it can provide numerous health benefits and comes at an affordable price, considering that rice is extremely widespread. The most important benefit of the rice bran oil is that it helps your organism to control cholesterol levels and help you lose weight. Aside from that, it improves your general health and helps your cardiovascular system. Rice bran oil also assists with menopausal issues and promotes the health of your skin. Rice bran oil is primarily used in cooking, although it also has considerable use in cosmetics. You should choose ... Read more

Where Can You Buy Coconut Oil?

Buying coconut oil is not a difficult task, it is available in several stores and can bee purchased online easily. However, there are primarily 6 varieties of coconut oil: pure, refined, virgin, organic, fractionated and extra virgin (this is most debated form as there are no standards on virginity and it is unclear as to what qualifies as extra virgin oil). When you want to buy coconut oil, first of all, you need to decide why you need it and where you are going to use it. Your choice should be based on your need, like whether you want it ... Read more

10 Best Soybean Oil Reviews 2017-Everything You Need to Know About Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is one of the most commonly used vegetable oils today. Although it originated in East Asia, the use has spread all over the world. The reason for that are some amazing health benefits of soybean oil, including: Helps with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease Improves bone growth and helps to prevent osteoporosis Improves heart health Improves skin health Soybean oil is mostly used in cooking and cosmetics. Considering its popularity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can choose from a wide variety of brands. That is why we’ve decided to select the best soybean oils ... Read more

10 Best Safflower Oil Reviews 2017-A Complete Guide to Buying

Experts often compare safflower oil to olive oil, which is much more popular around the world. The truth is that safflower seeds also have numerous benefits for your health. They improve the health of your heart and can help you manage diabetes by regulating your blood sugar levels. Safflower oil also helps you to lose weight, as the essential fatty acids it contains assist your organism in burning the fat instead of storing it. Safflower oil is not only perfect to use when preparing your meals. You can also apply it to your skin to hydrate it and keep it ... Read more

10 Best Canola Oil Reviews 2017 – The Complete Buying Guide

Canola oil is produced from crushed seeds of the rapeseed plants bred to be low in erucic acid and glucosinolates. The name was patented by the Rapeseed Association of Canada in the 1970s – “can” stands for Canada and “ola” for oil. Another theory suggests that “ola” stands for “oil+low+acid”. Either way, canola oil is one of the best oils for your heart health. It has numerous nutritious benefits as it is low in fatty acids and rich in Omega-3s and antioxidants. If you don’t know which canola oil you should buy, we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen 10 best ... Read more

10 Best Sunflower Oil Reviews 2017-What You Need To Know When Buying

Sunflower oil is used in cooking because of its frying performance and light taste, as well as in cosmetics because of its health benefits. This oil can help to prevent heart disease and cancer, regenerate your cells and improve skin health, strengthen your immune system and boost energy levels in your body. The oil is made from sunflower seeds and you can buy it in online and offline stores across the globe. The hard thing is to decide for one of many brands available. Our in-depth look into various sunflower oil brands can help you choose the one you need: ... Read more

10 Best Groundnut Oil Reviews 2017 – You Should Read This Before Buying

Groundnuts are a legume that is probably more known as peanuts. As with some other plants, a cholesterol-free oil can be made from groundnuts. The oil is extremely healthy as it is rich in unsaturated fats (the healthy type) and natural antioxidants. It is primarily used in cooking and it is especially good for making popcorn. We’ve selected 10 groundnut oils that we believe are the best on the market at the moment and we’ve reviewed them for you. This way you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding the best groundnut oil for your needs: 10 Best ... Read more

10 Best Coconut Oil Reviews 2017- Do Read This Before Buying!

Coconut oil is just awesome. Heard and read about coconut oil and its benefits but not sure how to decide and buy one. Our team will help in identifying the best coconut oil for you. Have a quick look at the best coconut oil reviews and find the right one for your needs! Best Coconut Oil – Our top picks! Our team shares a recommendation list of best coconut oil: Top Pick – Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Cold-pressed, unrefined, and extra-virgin coconut oil – Non- GMO, organic- certified by USDA, no trans fat – Free of pesticides, ... Read more