6 Health Benefits of Wildflower Honey

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When it comes to beneficial honey varieties, few are as interesting as wildflower honey, which contains quite an impressive amount of nutrients and potential health benefits for those who regularly consume it.

What is Wildflower Honey?

As you may guess from the name, wildflower honey or goldenrod honey is derived from nectar that comes primarily (or exclusively) from wildflowers. The interesting thing about this variety of honey is that every type that you try will be slightly different. The different combinations of different wildflowers, in addition to the seasonal variation between summer and autumn wildflowers, make this a very special and unique variety of honey.

This raw, organic form of honey also delivers several important minerals and vitamins, as well as proteins, sugars, antioxidants, and active ingredients that can protect the body in a variety of ways. It is best to purchase wildflower honey directly from the source – the beekeepers and local producers of this honey – to ensure that you are getting a genuine jar of wildflower honey. [1]

A jar and bowl of wildflower honey with fresh white and purple wildflowers on a wooden table

Wildflower honey tastes sweet and makes for a great addition to teas. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Wildflower Honey Benefits

The most notable health benefits of this honey include its ability to increase energy levels, suppress allergic reactions, prevent chronic diseases, and improve the health of the skin, among others.

Skin Care

All honey varieties have a surprisingly high content of antioxidants, which can improve your overall health in a variety of ways. Regular use of wildflower honey (internally or topically) can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone, and reduce inflammation.

Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidants present in wildflower honey can help protect the internal organs from oxidative stress. Antioxidants can neutralize the effects of free radicals, which can lower your risk of various diseases. [2]

Aids in Digestion

Honey is known to reduce inflammation throughout the body, including in the gut. This can eliminate symptoms of constipation, while also balancing bacterial levels and improving overall nutrient uptake efficiency. [3]

Reduces Allergic Reactions

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of wildflower honey on the allergic response by the body. For people who suffer from floral allergies, taking small amounts of this honey can help to improve those allergic reactions. [4]

Boosts Energy

Honey is a concentrated source of carbohydrates and sugars, as well as minerals that will stimulate the metabolism and provide your body with the energy boost it needs.

Heals Respiratory Issues

Consuming this type of specialized honey for sore throats, coughs and respiratory inflammation is effective. [5]

Wildflower Honey Vs Clover Honey

Wildflower honey is sourced directly from nectar that bees collect from wildflowers, whereas clover honey comes from nectar gathered on clover plants. While their source is different, these two types of honey share many of the same health benefits.

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