4 Proven Benefits of Acacia Honey

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If you are looking for a specialized type of honey, acacia honey is widely considered one of the best kinds of honey in the world, provided it is authentic. However, before you add any new healthy food to your diet, it is wise to understand what it contains, as well as the possible health benefits it may provide.

What is Acacia Honey?

Acacia honey, like many other specialized organic kinds of honey, is derived purely from the nectar of the black locust tree flowers. The black locust tree, also known as false acacia, is native to North America but also present in Europe. Bearing a mildly sweet flavor, this variety of honey is highly sought after around the world. It is almost clear, like liquid glass, and is a pure, organic form of honey that hasn’t been processed, heated, or pasteurized in any way. [1]

This type of honey is very good for culinary applications, and can also be used for several medicinal purposes, due to the rich nutrients and antioxidants that it contains.

A jar and of acacia honey with a wooden stirrer and white flowers on a wooden tray

Acacia honey remains in the liquid form for a longer duration than normal honey. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Acacia Honey Health Benefits

There are many impressive acacia honey health benefits which may include its possible ability to boost skin health, prevent chronic diseases, support the immune system, and increase energy, among others.

May Aid in Skin Care

The possibly rich supply of minerals found in every type of honey, including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, and copper, as well as vitamin C and other antioxidants, can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, soothe inflammation, and decrease the appearance of scars, blemishes, and burns when topically applied. [2]

May Prevent Chronic Diseases

The antioxidants that may be found in all types of honey are particularly good at seeking out free radicals throughout the body and reducing the negative impacts of oxidative stress. This can lower cellular mutation and reduce your risk of chronic diseases, such as arthritis. [3]

May Boost Immune System

Acacia honey possesses hydrogen peroxide naturally, as do many other forms of honey, and this is a powerful antibacterial component. It can help prevent infections throughout the body and relieve strain on your immune system. [4]

May Aid in Weight Loss

Many people use acacia honey to help with weight loss efforts; particularly when mixed with water or milk, it can help satisfy your sweet tooth, and also make you feel full, which will reduce unnecessary snacking. This honey can also stimulate metabolism, further aiding weight loss efforts. [5]

Where to buy Acacia Honey?

When buying this honey, you should be careful that you are purchasing a pure, authentic variety. The best place to buy acacia honey is directly from a beekeeper, who sources the honey directly from the beehive. You can also buy the honey from reputed websites or retailers.

Acacia Honey Vs Manuka Honey

The primary difference between acacia honey and manuka honey is the source of the nectar that the bees turn into honey. When it comes to acacia honey, the nectar is sourced from the black locust tree, whereas manuka honey is made from nectar from the manuka flower. The latter form of honey is also produced and distributed exclusively out of New Zealand, whereas acacia honey is often produced and distributed in Europe and North America. [6]

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