7 Effective Home Remedies for Ear Infection

The most popular home remedies for ear infection include the use of herbs, avoiding all sorts of processed foods, washing your hands regularly, using essential oils and tea tree oil, and many more in different forms. Ear infections often have different reasons causes, such as germs, contamination from others, and severe colds, as well.

Ear Infection

The common name for ear infections is Otitis. Ear infections manifest in headaches, fluid secretion from the ears, sleep disorders, pain, and hearing trouble. Generally, children are prone to infection in the middle ear, while in adults, it is commonly observed in other parts of the organ. Increased consumption of zinc and vitamin C, a healthy, calcium-rich diet, avoiding contamination, the use of Otikon and Echinacea are a few of the best home remedies to treat and prevent ear infections.

About 90% of American children suffer from OME (Otitis Media with Effusion) before they even go to school, according to the American Academy of Paediatrics. They are often treated with antibiotics that are strong and sometimes have harmful side effects on the kids. There are adults who also suffer from Otitis, but the number is smaller than that of children according to the Natural Standard, The Authority on Integrative Medicine.

Now, this is a true fact that painkillers and antibiotics provide quick relief from the earaches caused by infections, but they cannot cure it from the root. However, as far as the home remedies for ear infections are concerned, they provide permanent relief from the problem without any sort of hazardous effects.


Symptoms of Ear Infection

The prominent symptoms of ear infections include severe aches, fluid drainage from the ears, problems with hearing, fever, and many more. There is a different home remedy for every type of ear infection, as there might be various reasons behind it.

Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Home remedies for ear infection include:

Gentle Massage

When the aching in the ears becomes severe doe to a worsening infection, a gentle massage with the tips of the fingers can help. This is more effective, if the infection is caused due to trapped water inside the ears. You can also use pain balms or oils to massage the area where the ear is joined with the face. This will not only release the pain gradually, but also facilitate recovery.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Cleaning the infected ears with a solution of 50:50 hydrogen peroxide will help reducing the severity as this compound has certain anti-bacterial properties. The solution should be prepared with warm water to provide a soothing effect to the pain in the ears.

Garlic Ear Drops

Garlic is another anti-bacterial remedy that is popularly used in treating ear infections. The garlic oil can be made at home by soaking pieces of garlic in olive oil or it can be purchased ready-made from stores. The garlic oil needs to be applied inside the canal of the ears, a few drops twice a day.

Hot Bag Pressing

Hot water bags often provide the sufferer with complete relief. Take a hot water bag filled with tolerably warm water and wrap it in a cover. Now, press the ears on them for quite some time until the bag remains hot. For a baby, the warmth of the mother’s breast is actually the best home remedy for ear aches.

Avoid Contamination

Ear infections often spread from one person to another. Therefore, it is quite important to consciously avoid close contact with a person that has an ear infection. You should not use the towels or combs from others suffering from this condition. Washing your hands at regular intervals also helps to combat those infections. If someone has caught a severe cold, he or she can be prone to infections, so it is better to stay away from him or her.

Avoid Smoke and Pollution

Smoke and pollution can be another key reason behind ear infections. It is pretty tough to escape the air pollution, but you can keep away from cigarette smoke with conscious effort. Also, ask people not to smoke in front of you, which is called passive smoking. This can be just as harmful as smoking.

Echinacea and Goldenseal

Echinacea and goldenseal are two of the popular herbs that cleanse the internal systems of the body and prevent ear infections. You can mix them with boiling water and drink the mixture slowly, three times a day.

Reference: American Academy of Paediatrics and Natural Standard, The Authority on Integrative Medicine

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