10 Incredible Benefits of Krill Oil

There are many different benefits of krill oil, including its ability to reduce inflammation, help with infant development, improve mood, boost digestive health, protect the heart and aid immunity, among others.

Krill Oil

When it comes to impressive animal products that have an impact on human health, few things are as beneficial as krill oil. While fish oil tends to get a great deal of attention in health circles, the oil derived from krill is equally important. Krill is a small crustacean that is near the bottom of the ocean’s food chains, and these prolific sources of protein and nutrients for many different species of marine animals. In fact, krill make up some of the largest biomass species on the planet, due to their incredible numbers. This also means that krill can be easily harvested by humans, without having too much of an impact on global numbers. The total global harvest is roughly 200,000 tons, which is a minute fraction of the ocean’s populations.


Krill oilIn certain parts of the world, krill are harvested for aquarium food, as bait, or in pharmaceutical applications. In Japan, krill is used as a food source, but krill has recently gotten attention for the oil it possesses. Namely, the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids found in krill is similar to that of other oily fish, such as tuna, mackerel and salmon. The general effects of krill oil are slightly different than regular fish oil, namely because krill oil’s omega-3s are bound to phospholipids, while fish oil’s omega-3s are bound to triglycerides. Krill oil is not as widely available as fish oil supplements, but it is becoming easier to find it with each passing year, as its many health benefits are recognized. Now, let’s take a closer look at the many impressive health benefits of krill oil.

Health Benefits of Krill Oil

Heart Health

One of the best-known properties of omega-3 fatty acids is their effect on heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in high concentrations within krill, are able to balance out the cholesterol in your body, meaning that there will be less buildup in your arteries, preventing hardening and atherosclerosis. This can significantly lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Anti-inflammatory Activity

Aside from its impact on the cholesterol levels in the body, omega-3s also act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents, and are able to transform into eicosanoids and prevent the inflammatory response of the body. This makes the omega-3s found in this natural oil excellent remedies for inflammatory conditions like arthritis and gout, as well as inflammation of the arteries and blood vessels.

Reduces Anxiety

A significant amount of research has studied the impact of omega-3 acids (EPA and DHA) on neurotransmission in the brain. The studies have shown positive effects on mood and anxiety, and these acids can even be taken as antidepressants. This makes a healthy dose of krill oil, particularly when you are recovering from an illness or an emotionally tumultuous time, even better for your overall health!

Youth Development

When it comes to the proper development of your fetus and your small, newborn infants, krill oil can help ensure that the nervous system, brain and eyes receive the nutrients they need. Different chemicals and compounds are required for different levels of development, so pregnant women should ensure they have enough omega-3s for a healthy child. Krill oil is a great source for this.

Aids in Digestion

Although not commonly known as a digestive agent, krill oil does have an effect on the gastrointestinal system, namely due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This can eliminate stomach upset, indigestion, hemorrhoids and constipation, resulting in better overall health of your entire system.

Boosts Immunity

One of the other properties of krill oil is its ability to boost the immune system. Krill possesses an antioxidant called astaxanthin, which can significantly improve the strength of your body’s defenses, and can seek out free radicals and neutralize them. This can lower your chances of developing chronic disease and prevent other infections throughout the body.

Menstrual Behavior

For women who suffer intense physical and mental symptoms when going through their menstrual period, krill oil can help to balance out the hormones and reduce anxiety. Omega-3s can reduce issues like cramping, heavy flows, and unpredictable menstrual cycles. Krill oil is a great way to benefit from omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to lessen those unpleasant symptoms.

Improves Memory

Research has shown that antioxidants are able to stimulate neural activity by clearing out plaque and ensuring blood flow to the capillaries around the brain. If you are beginning to feel a bit forgetful in your old age, it is never a bad idea to give your brain a bit of a boost with omega-3 fatty acids found in krill oil. It is also known to improve retention of information and concentration skills.

Detoxifies the Body

One of the important organs affected by krill oil and its constituent chemicals is the liver. Given that the liver is the detoxification center of the body, hepatoprotective effects are important. A regular supplement of krill oil can ensure that your liver continues functioning normally, and keeps your blood clean!


Unlike certain types of fish where fish oil is derived, krill species are not known to possess dangerous minerals, such as mercury. Since krill only feed on the lowest level of the food chain, phytoplankton, they do not intake any of these minerals. Krill oil in incredibly pure, which is yet another reason why people are beginning to switch to this completely natural and beneficial option.

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