19 Surprising Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

The health benefits of Rose Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, cholagogue, cicatrisant, depurative, emenagogue, haemostatic, hepatic, laxative, nervine, stomachic and uterine substance.

Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world. The flower is an integral part of innumerable stories, legends, myths and legacies. With its varied colors, incomparable fragrance and range of shapes and sizes, you can find one for every mood and occasion. People who do not know about any of its medicinal properties can still tell you of one undeniable property; a beautiful, red rose can invoke romantic feelings in even the hardest of hearts.

The Essential Oil of Rose is extracted by steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose (Rosa Damascena, as it is known among botanists) and is composed of hundreds of components, out of which the major contributors are Citronellol, Citral, Carvone, Citronellyl Acetate, Eugenol, Ethanol, Farnesol, Stearpoten, Methyl Eugenol, Nerol, Nonanol, Nonanal, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, Phenylmenthyl Acetate and Phenyl Geraniol. Damascus Roses are the preferred variety because they are the most fragrant species and are believed to be the original red roses with strongest aroma and highest oil content.

We know about the emotional and psychological effects of rose. More importantly, let’s explore some of the medicinal and health benefits of rose essential oil below.

Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Antidepressant: Rose Oil boosts self esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently fighting depression. They can be very helpful to drive away depression arising for any reason, and it also relieves anxiety. As an antidepressant, patients of acute depression or those undergoing rehabilitation can be given routine and regular doses of this essential oil to bring a positive boost into their lives. This oil is widely used in aromatherapy and invokes positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation and feelings of joy, happiness and hope.

Antiphlogistic: Rose essential oil may calm down a patient of high fever by sedating the inflammation. It can also be beneficial in other cases of inflammation caused by microbial infection, ingestion of poisonous materials, indigestion, and dehydration. This can result in a reduction in associated conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and fever.

Antiseptic: This is the most fragrant and luxurious way to treat wounds; imagine treating wounds with Oils of Rose instead of those ordinary antiseptic lotions. Topically applying rose oil to wounds helps to protect them from becoming septic and developing infections.

roseessentialoilAntispasmodic: Rose essential oil efficiently relieves spasms in the respiratory system and intestines, as well as muscular spasms in various limbs. It also helps to cure convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps and the spasmodic cholera which is caused due to spasms.

Antiviral: Getting protection from viruses or getting yourself vaccinated against all of them is a tough task, since some of them continue to mutate and trick our our immune system, like an old friend who gives you a cold or influenza. The solution to this is to use an antiviral agent that behaves as a shield against any type of virus. Rose essential oil is one such shied, and studies have shown that it protects against many different types of viral infections.

Aphrodisiac: There is almost no need to explain this aspect of rose essential oil.  From Cupid himself to modern day’s high tech lovers, everyone knows how indispensable roses are in the romantic department. The basic element that does that is the essential oil of the flower. The very scent of it can arouse you, and it boosts the libido while invoking romantic feelings which are essential for a successful sex life. This can reduce symptoms of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, and general disinterest in sexual activity with partners.

Astringent: The astringent property of Rose Oil has many benefits. It strengthens gums and hair roots, while toning and lifting skin, and contracting muscles, intestines and blood vessels. This gives protection against the untimely loss of teeth and hair, wrinkles, the loss of firmness of intestines and muscles of the abdominal area and limbs associated with aging. Above all, rose essential oil helps to stop the flow of blood from wounds and cuts by contracting the blood vessels. This astringent property can also cure certain types of diarrhea.

Bactericidal: It is a good bactericide. It can be used in the treatment of typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning and other diseases which are caused by bacteria. Furthermore, it can cure internal bacterial infections like those in the colon, stomach, intestines and urinary tract, as well as external infections on the skin, ears, eyes and wounds.

Cicatrisant: This property of Rose Essential Oil can be of great interest for those who care a lot about their looks. It makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox on the skin fade quickly. This includes the fading of stretch marks, surgery scars, and fat cracks associated with pregnancy and delivery. Much of this is due to the antioxidant activity of rose essential oil, which spurs on the healing processes of the skin.

Depurative: Rose essential oil purifies the blood by helping in the removal and neutralization of toxins. Once your blood is purified and free of toxins, you are protected from nuisances like boils, rashes, ulcers, and skin diseases, as well as more serious conditions that free radicals can cause, like cancer and heart disease.

Emmenagogue: This is yet another beneficial property of Rose Oil. It stimulates the hormone secretions which trigger menstruation. It is particularly effective on those who are suffering from obstructed and irregular menses. It also eases cramps, nausea, and fatigue while reducing the pain associated with menstruation and Post-Menopausal Syndrome.

Hemostatic: This property of the Essential Oil of Rose can be very useful for people who are suffering from hemorrhaging (bleeding, external or internal) after an injury or surgery. This speeds up clotting and coagulation of blood and stops excessive bleeding; this property can quite literally save your life.

Hepatic: This simply means that rose essential oil is good for the health of the liver. It keeps it strong, properly functioning and protected from infections. It also treats problems like the excess flow of bile, acids, and ulcers.

Laxative: There cannot be a laxative with a better scent than this, which is an ironic benefit for a laxative. It can serve as a harmless and effective laxative with a beautiful smell causing no adverse side effects. It also influences the intestinal and anal muscles to help clear bowels. This helps in losing weight and preventing excess toxicity in the body.

Nervine: Rose essential oil acts as a tonic for the nerves. It gives them strength to bear shock and protects them from disorders resulting from age and injuries. It will keep your hands from trembling and help you overcome your anxiety when saying those three magic words to your dream girl for the first time.  Of course, you should also have a rose in your hand!

roseoilStomachic: Rose Oil is a stomachic as well. It soothes the stomach, sedates inflammation, helps it function properly and protects it from infections. It also protects it from ulcers which often develop due to over production of acids and their release into the stomach. Excessive acid can lead to heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, excess gas, impacted bowels, and bloating.

Cholagogue: It promotes the flow of bile from the gall bladder and helps to regulate the acid levels in the stomach and the blood, thus keeping you safe from problems like acidity and acidosis. This bile also helps in the digestion of food, together with the acids secreted into the stomach. Improved digestion can reduce the chances of constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and even more serious conditions like colorectal cancer.

Uterine: Rose essential oil can take care of many feminine problems such as uterine discharge, tumors, bleeding, and irregular menses. It purifies the uterus as well, and keeps it functioning properly even in advanced age, thereby delaying menopause. By regulating menstruation, it is possible to eliminate the associated symptoms and problems of menstruation, including mood swings, hormonal imbalance, overeating, bloating, cramping, and excessive bleeding.

Other Benefits: It regulates hormone production and helps to balance them throughout the body. It is one of the best oils to give you shining, fresh and youthful skin. Its aroma keeps you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of the heart, reduces blood pressure and helps to cure headaches, asthma, dehydration, leucorrhea and various other infections.

A Few Words of Caution: It can eliminate headaches if used in mild concentrations, but its strong aroma can do just the opposite if a very high concentration is used. Being an Emenagogue, it should not be used during pregnancy, since there is no definite evidence of whether the effects of rose essential oil can be transferred to the fetus. It could possibly cause a miscarriage if taken in excess, so it is best to generally avoid it.

Blending: This Essential Oil blends well with Geranium, Jasmine, Clove and Palma Rosa essential oils.

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nobody talk about using the oil, smell it or rub it or swallow it.??????????????


The genetic skin condition, sebaceous hyperplasia, has plagued me since puberty. I have found relief using pure rose water as a morning face wash spritz. Recently I began using rose hip seed oil, unrefined, as a moisturizer because my skin is so very sensitive; however, I know now that I need pure rose hip oil. I will also begin to use it internally for inflammation, et al. The rose hip seed oil added to a pot of water with a few tablespoons of salt and brought to a simmer and inhaled helped me get through chest congestion and coughing due to a particularly bad cold.


What a superb oil! Nobody can really hate rose fragrance, it's therapeutic effects are amazing - just a whiff of it can make an impression. But I notice that Bulgarian rose is the more widely used term for Damascus rose - or are they different?


Be sure to get Therapeutic Grade, 100% pure steam-distilled organic Bulgarian Rose Oil.
This has the highest FREQUENCY of all essential oils on earth. (some stores or ebay sellers)

Learn about the vibrational frequency of oils and our bodies: for example -
Rose Oil (Rosa damascene) is 320 MHz, [hint- copy and google this line for more]
Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) is approx. 118 MHz
A healthy person vibrates in the range of 62 to 68 MHz
Cancer is 42 MHz or less....and so on.

Some people leave a few drops on a small dish beside a sick person in bed. (I have not verified it though)

Nikola Tesla and others say we should learn about frequency and vibration for good health.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, in his book The Body Electric, tells us that the human body has an electrical frequency, and also that much about a person's health can be determined by its frequency levels.

Look it up folks.
Mr J.

Conscience voter

Just happened on this website. Your statement about Dr. Robert O. Becker and his ideas on human electrical frequency hit the mark. I suffer on/off with rosacea, so does my sister. One of the big triggers for the redness, itching, burning and all out pain are some fluorescent lights. Doctor's offices, hospital, grocery stores, their are hell-holes for us. I feel it's the frequency in some of the lights that turns the disease on and it has gotten so bad at times that even with my shopping cart full, I've had to abandon it and flee the store for the way the lights make me feel into every cell. My sister's is even worse, she turns purple and swells. We think maybe we're like canaries in the coal mines and that to some extent all folks are affected as well, only theirs is minor; therefore, they don't realize what may be little-by-little damaging the. I feel so frustrated at knowing medical places are the worst! Imagine little babies under all that light. What are those folks thinking? Normal people are supposed to sleep with basic lights on - sunlight is different- so God help the little ones. No wonder everyone has cancer now.


How and where do you apply.


You can apply to VitaFlex points or to direct area of concern. You can mix with a carrier oil such as almond, grapeseed, coconut or you can apply a drop directly to your skin. Use caution during pregnancy.


Like your article on rose essential oil.very informative.


The Rose oil being explained here is it as regards to all Roses or is there

Other roses referred to? Again is the oil in question mixed with other products or simply extracted rose oil raw? I know rose is symbolic to many things including spiritualism.


Where does one buy this from? Is there a website? Is it expensive?


Where does one buy this from? Is there a website? Is it expensive?


Try ebay and be sure to get Therapeutic Grade, 100% pure steam-distilled organic Bulgarian Rose Oil.

Narender Singh Phartyal

Thumbs up for this miraculous oil.

Narender Singh Phartyal

Thumbs up for this miraculous oil.

Narender Singh Phartyal

Rose Essential Oil works well on alleviating stress, mental fatigue, depression, nervous ailments and many other problems.

Narender Singh Phartyal

Rose Essential Oil works well on alleviating stress, mental fatigue, depression, nervous ailments and many other problems.


You have an interesting take. I was actually impressed with how well the article was written prior to seeing your comment.

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