Home Remedies for Ascites

Some of the home remedies for ascites include garlic, gram, bitter gourd, fenugreek, radish, melon, onion, and proper sleep. Ascites is technically known as as peritoneal fluid excess, peritoneal cavity fluid and hydro peritoneum. It basically deals with the accumulation of the fluid in the abdominal or peritoneal cavity.

Some of the major causes that are behind ascites are alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatic vein obstruction. Kidney and heart failure also cause an excessive accumulation of fluid. In addition to these triggers, ascites can also be caused by cancer involving tuberculosis and the abdominal cavity.

What is Ascites?

Ascites is a condition of the body in which fluid is accumulated in the cavity of abdomen. The stomach gets swollen, resulting in a heavy and uneasy feeling. The legs swell up, and even breathing is not normal, which causes rapid heart palpitations.

Symptoms of Ascites

The main symptoms of ascites are:

Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen

Distension in the abdomen

Umbilicus eversion

Shifting or dullness of percussion

Portal hypertension

Nephrotic syndrome

Shortness of breath

Reduced appetite


Swollen ankles

Rapid weight gain

The natural treatment for ascites differs based on its cause. Salt-restricted diets and bed rest are some of the main features of the treatment. In addition to those two treatments, diuretics or drugs are also utilized, as they play a pivotal role in excreting more water from the kidneys. The process of therapeutic paracentesis is used to remove the fluid.

ascitesOn the other hand, large volume paracentesis is used for draining larger amounts of fluid from the patient’s body. A short duration of a hospital stay is required for such treatments. Taraxacum officinale, the herbal diuretic, is used for curing ascites, as it not only drains excess fluid, but also provides potassium to the body. According to the National Cancer Institute, the use of a thin needle or tube to remove excess fluid from the abdomen can also provide temporary relief from ascites.

Home Remedies for Ascites

Some remedies and diet tips for healing or avoiding ascites are explained below:


Garlic plays a pivotal role in curing ascites. Take 125 ml of water and mix in a half teaspoon of garlic juice. Drink the garlic mixture regularly for days to see a marked improvement.


Take 25 grams of gram and boil it in 1/4  liter of water. Let the water reduce to half. Strain the liquid. You will have to drink this for at least 3 weeks to see a noticeable change.

Bitter Gourd

It provides the needed relief from ascites. Extract 25 ml juice of bitter gourd and drink it thrice after mixing with water. Juice from the bitter gourd can also be taken on an empty stomach.


Carrot juice and buttermilk are beneficial in curing this disease. They play a vital role in restoring energy to the body, without adding to the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.


Radishes are very beneficial in the treatment of ascites. Mix the juice of the leaves of the radish plant with water and consume.

Fenugreek Seeds

Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight. Strain and drink that water in the morning.

Avoid Drinking Excess Water

Milk can be given to the patient as a way to replace water when they are thirsty. Intake of more water during the case of ascites adds to swelling and weight gain.


Some therapies are helpful to cure this disease which are patoladhya ghrit, punarnave chum, and punarnava kwath and shilajatwadi vati.

Punarnava or Boeharia Diffusa Powder

This powder is also beneficial in curing ascites. It helps in draining the excess fluid.


Onions are very powerful diuretics. Therefore, include them in your diet to help drain the excess accumulated fluid through urination.


You should eat melon daily in a significant portion to stay healthy and fight ascites. It also helps in digestion and restoring the fluid balance, as well as other parts of homeostasis.


Stay away from alcohol! It is the cause behind 83% of all patients suffering from this disease.

Active Life

Exercise helps your abdominal muscles develop properly, while also protecting against fluid accumulation.


Try not to sleep during the day. Maintain a fixed time to go to the bed at night and wake up early in the morning. This plays an important role in maintaining the overall homeostasis of the body.

Helpful Diet

A beneficial diet for preventing ascites includes buttermilk, camel milk, soup of horse gram, old rice, salads with dry radish, garlic, asafoetida and honey.

Harmful Diet

Avoid eating too much starch like rice and wheat. Salt is also very harmful for patients suffering from ascites.


Arjuna or white murdah has diuretic properties. Heenga or asafoetida, when dissolved in hot water, is used to foment the abdomen. Himsra or caper brush should be taken as directed. Kakamachi or black nightshade is also used in the Ayurvedic treatment of Ascites. Kateli or kantakari is used to treat dropsy along with ascites.

A doctor should be visited, if there is any doubt that you might be suffering from ascites. Nevertheless, these home remedies can be practiced on a regular basis to prevent the condition from ever developing. Proper diagnosis in the case of ascites is a must. At times, it’s necessary to consult your doctor, even before trying any of these home remedies and foods. You should keep in mind that every individual patient is different, as is their cause of ascites, and that should be taken into consideration before prescribing any home remedies.

References: National Cancer Institute and Research from Catholic University

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Marnie Sheridan

My Husband has ascites and for three years the nephrologists ingnored it! He is on Dialysis now, (that I would not wish on anyone!), He jumps from 100 kilos to 135 kilos within a week, Dialysis does not seem to beable to take the fluid off the belly! We have been to liver and heart speacialist for three years throughout the country! Liver is Fine, Heart is Fine! None of the doc's seem to know what to do and therefore do nothing! Today alone in emergency they took off 20 pounds of fluid! In the mean time he has 4 Hernia's going on and there is no doctor wants to try repair it, because he is a Dialysis patient! Please HELP! I Love him very much!

very informative...thanx