18 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Garlic Juice

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The primary benefits of garlic juice may include preventing baldness, lowering cholesterol, skin care, strengthening the immune system, and aiding weight loss. It also aids in stimulating the production of sex hormones, boosting circulation, lowering blood pressure, detoxifying the body, and soothing respiratory conditions.

What Is Garlic Juice?

Garlic juice is made by pressing, juicing, or blending garlic cloves, which may have come from the plant bearing the scientific name Allium sativum. Closely related to onions, garlic has been used for thousands of years around the globe due to its powerful effects on human health. While drinking the pure juice of garlic may not sound palatable to many people, the health benefits associated with this unique beverage are undeniable.

Balanced between its use as a flavorful ingredient and as an element of traditional medicine, many people rely on garlic juice for its potentially anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant effects. Garlic juice is a rich source of allicin, the active ingredient in garlic. It also has abundant vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin C, as well as minerals like manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Additionally, it may also contain sulfuric compounds and other volatile acids. [1]

A jar of garlic juice with whole garlic on a wooden table

Garlic juice can be applied topically to the skin. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Nutrition Facts

Garlic, raw
Serving Size :
Water [g]58.58
Energy 149
Energy [kJ]623
Protein [g]6.36
Total lipid (fat) [g]0.5
Ash [g]1.5
Carbohydrate, by difference [g]33.06
Fiber, total dietary [g]2.1
Sugars, total including NLEA [g]1
Calcium, Ca [mg]181
Iron, Fe [mg]1.7
Magnesium, Mg [mg]25
Phosphorus, P [mg]153
Potassium, K [mg]401
Sodium, Na [mg]17
Zinc, Zn [mg]1.16
Copper, Cu [mg]0.3
Manganese, Mn [mg]1.67
Selenium, Se [µg]14.2
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid [mg]31.2
Thiamin [mg]0.2
Riboflavin [mg]0.11
Niacin [mg]0.7
Pantothenic acid [mg]0.6
Vitamin B-6 [mg]1.24
Folate, total [µg]3
Folate, food [µg]3
Folate, DFE [µg]3
Choline, total [mg]23.2
Carotene, beta [µg]5
Vitamin A, IU [IU]9
Lutein + zeaxanthin [µg]16
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) [mg]0.08
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) [µg]1.7
Fatty acids, total saturated [g]0.09
10:0 [g]0
16:0 [g]0.09
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated [g]0.01
18:1 [g]0.01
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated [g]0.25
18:2 [g]0.23
18:3 [g]0.02
Tryptophan [g]0.07
Threonine [g]0.16
Isoleucine [g]0.22
Leucine [g]0.31
Lysine [g]0.27
Methionine [g]0.08
Cystine [g]0.07
Phenylalanine [g]0.18
Tyrosine [g]0.08
Valine [g]0.29
Arginine [g]0.63
Histidine [g]0.11
Alanine [g]0.13
Aspartic acid [g]0.49
Glutamic acid [g]0.81
Glycine [g]0.2
Proline [g]0.1
Serine [g]0.19
Sources include : USDA [2]

Benefits of Garlic Juice

Let’s look at some of the important health benefits of the juice of garlic below:

May Help Improve Skin

Consuming garlic juice may provide possible antioxidants to the skin that will reduce signs of aging, improve coloration, and prevent inflammatory conditions or infections. [3]

May Help Control Acne Breakouts

Garlic juice can help in treating acne. Apply the juice on the face and wash it after 5 mins. Repeat the process until the acne disappears.

Note: Do not keep it overnight as the juice may harm or burn the skin.

May Help Reduce Hair Loss

Many people use garlic juice to strengthen their hairprevent hair loss, and promote healthy hair follicles. This natural remedy can be consumed internally or mixed with other hair products or washes for excellent effects. [4]

May Help You Rid Your Hair of Lice

Mix garlic juice with lemon juice and apply it to your hair and scalp. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Repeat the process for 5 days at a stretch and enjoy lice-free healthy hair!

May Boost Immune System

The possible antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties of the juice of garlic make it an excellent immune system shield. Furthermore, it may also help prevent chronic diseases and localized infections. [5]

May Aid in Weight Loss

Allicin, the active ingredient in this medicinal juice, has been associated with weight loss, as it can help to lower the levels of unhealthy fats in the body. Furthermore, it can also provide a metabolic boost that helps you burn calories. [6]

May Help Treat Impotence

Research has linked garlic juice with a marked increase in sex hormones, which can help people overcome impotence, slow sperm motility, and increase sperm count. [7]

May Enhance Circulation

Herbs like garlic and onion are closely associated with boosting circulation and lowering plaque levels in the arteries and blood vessels. This can further increase energy levels and lower your risk of various cardiovascular problems. [8]

May Act as an Anti-coagulant

Garlic juice can act as a natural and highly effective blood thinner. It may help in preventing thrombosis, which is blockages of blood flow due to clots.

May Boost Heart Health

Garlic juice can lower cholesterol levels, while also reducing blood pressure and strengthening the cardiovascular system. [9]

May Lower Cholesterol

The use of garlic juice also lowers total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. But it does not have any impact on triglyceride and HDL (good) cholesterol levels. [10] [11] [12]

May Lower Hypertension

Large doses of allicin (a compound present in garlic) can lower the blood pressure of those suffering from hypertension. In certain cases, it may be as effective as any regular medication. [13] [14]

Other Benefits

Other benefits of garlic juice include:

May Act as a Remedy in Respiratory Conditions

Many people use garlic juice because it can rapidly clear up respiratory infections and reduce inflammation. It may also help repair damaged tissues in the respiratory tracts. [15] [16] [17]

May Help Treat A Sore Throat

Intake of garlic juice with pomegranate juice may help reduce sore throats, cough, common cold, and flu.

May Prevent Asthma

Mix 10 drops of garlic juice with 2 tbsp of honey in a glass of water. Drinking this daily may help prevent asthma.

May Relieve Insect Bites

Topical application of the juice on the targeted area may help relieve pain caused by insect bites.

May Help Prevent Sagging Breasts

Regular intake of garlic juice may help prevent the sagging of breasts. It may also help in toning them.

May Help Treat Fungal Infections

Intake of the raw juice of garlic can also treat various fungal infections including athlete’s foot, as well as ear and foot infection. Topical application of the juice on the infected area can further soothe itching and irritation.

How to Make Garlic Juice?

You can make garlic juice quite easily at home, provided you have a decent amount of garlic and a bit of patience. So juicing a kilogram at a time will yield roughly 2 cups of juice. Only a small amount of juice is required to have an effect, thus, you will likely end up storing the rest of the juice for later use.

A jar of garlic juice with whole garlic on a wooden table

Immune-Boosting Garlic Juice Recipe

Have this drink first thing in the morning for better health!
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Course: Juice
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: garlic,, garlic juice
Appliance: Blender, Juicer
Prep Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 1 cup
Author: Ishani Bose


  • 48 cloves of garlic


  • To make garlic juice, peel the skin of all the garlic cloves and wash them thoroughly. 
  • Blend the garlic cloves in a blender, or juicer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Strain the garlic pulp through a fine sieve. Slowly pour the garlic juice through a coffee filter.
  • Once done, keep it in an airtight glass bowl, inside a refrigerator, to ensure its odor doesn't spread.


While most people like to have garlic juice without a sweetener, there are a few people who like to have the juice sweet. In such cases, you can add a teaspoon of honey, agave nectar, and brown sugar. Usually, you can refrigerate the juice for 2-3 weeks depending on how many garlic you have used to make the juice. 

Side Effects

Drinking excess garlic juice can cause various side effects like:

  • Bleeding: The anticoagulant nature of garlic’s active ingredients can exacerbate bleeding disorders and should be avoided before or after surgery. Also, avoid intake along with other anticoagulant drugs.
  • Stomach issues: Avoid consuming garlic juice on an empty stomach as its concentrated dose can irritate the stomach, causing diarrhea, excessive gas, weight loss, nausea, and cramping, as well as dizziness or headaches.
  • Allergies: Some people may have topical and internal allergies and should avoid use.

Do consult a doctor before adding this concentrated juice to your health regimen.

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