9 Popular Types of Mango

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There are many different types of mango out there in the world, each sweeter than the last, but before you go shopping, it’s good to know how they all measure up.

Different Types of Mango

The popular types of mango include honey mango, Francis mango, Keitt mango, Kensington mango, Palmer mango, Tommy Atkins mango, Chaunsa mango, Kesar mango, and Haden mango.


In terms of global presence, the alphonso mango is more widely sought after than any other variety of this fruit. This is also considered one of the sweetest, rarest, and most flavorful fruits in this family, but it is primarily grown and eaten in India. Only a limited number of specialty import stores will offer these types of mangoes in the United States and Europe.


This unique mango variety is primarily grown in Pakistan and has a uniform yellow color when ripe. There is very little fibrous material in these mangoes, but their taste and sweetness are unrivaled, often leading to this variety being called the “King of Mangoes”. [1]


Also known as an ataulfo mango or a champagne mango, the honey mango is small, creamy and sweet, with a yellow exterior and a sigmoid (oblong) shape. Due to the less fibrous consistency of this mango, it is particularly popular in fruit smoothies and as an ingredient in salads. [2]

Different types of mangoes in a basket

Indian varieties of mangoes are the most popular in the world. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


This mango is primarily cultivated in Haiti, and is recognizable for its long S-shape, similar to the ataulfo mango, but larger. It has a slightly fibrous texture, but it is very sweet in flavor. The exterior will primarily be yellow, with some green tones at either end. It is normally only available during the spring and summer months. [3]

Tommy Atkins

Originating in Florida, this is one of the most common mango varieties in the world and is the primary mango found in the United States. The flesh is stringy and fibrous, with a dense consistency and a mildly sweet taste. When ripe, these mangoes will have a dark red, almost purple hue to them. [4]


Initially grown in South Florida, these red, oval-shaped mangoes are found very often in Mexican cuisine. They are medium to large in size and they are a good blend of creamy and fibrous. The coloring on the outside will also have some yellow tones and small white dots, signaling when the fruit is ripe. [5]


Another mango variety originating in South Florida, this is one of the largest mango varieties, often weighing as much as two pounds. The ripe fruit will be yellow with some splashes of red, and the inner flesh is yellow-orange in color. The flesh is not very stringy, making it a popular ingredient in salads and smoothies, and this cultivar is usually available in the summer and fall. [6]


Considered Australia’s most popular mango variety, the Kensington Pride mango is rather large, averaging about 1/2 kilogram in weight, and has a yellow color when ripe, with some red overtones. The inner flesh is yellow and has a unique flavor- peppery and sweet. [7]


The skin color of this South Florida cultivar is usually a pale green in color, and these mangoes can grow to several pounds. The fruit does have fibers, but is considered tangy and sweet, and is available throughout the summer and autumn months. [8]

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