What is Ataulfo Mango

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Adding Ataulfo mango to your intake of exotic fruit will provide a number of unique nutrients and some exotic flair to your diet.

What are Ataulfo Mangos?

Ataulfo mango is a Mexican cultivar of mango that goes by many names, including baby mango, honey mango, Adolfo, Adaulfo, Champagne, yellow mango, among others. This mango is smaller than traditional mangos and has an oblong shape, as well as a slightly dark yellow color. While most mangos have a fibrous and slightly tough consistency, this delectable cultivar is creamy and buttery, making them highly sought after. However, they are also quite delicate and should be eaten when they are at peak ripeness. Since they are not widely cultivated, they are somewhat difficult to procure, but if you go to certain exotic import or specialty fruit stores, you can find them.

Nutritional Value of Ataulfo Mango

This mango variety has quite an impressive nutrient profile, including a very high level of vitamin C – more than 100% of the daily requirement of that nutrient – as well as good amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin A, and calcium. A single cup-size serving of this fruit only delivers 105 calories, making it ideal for those looking to lose weight. This is in addition to numerous antioxidant compounds and active ingredients that provide a wide range of health benefits.

Uses of Ataulfo Mango

If you can find ataulfo mango, they are quite easy to add to your daily or weekly diet. The most common way of consuming them in Mexico is simply to slice them and sprinkle them with some lime salt for a savory and sweet snack. However, since they are so creamy and buttery, they are also popular in fruit smoothies, while regular mangos are not. The sweet flavor of these mangos also makes them a welcome addition to certain salsas and dips, or they can be added to marinades and sweet sauces for an extra bite.

Before using ataulfo mango, however, it is best to know how to select them. The appearance of the mangos is not the best way to measure quality; in fact, you want to touch and squeeze the mangos, which should have a bit of pulp – similar to a ripe avocado. You can also choose a good ataulfo mango by the smell, as the mango scent should be quite powerful and potent as the fruit reaches ripeness.

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