Sugar in Pineapple

It is natural to worry about the amount of sugar in pineapple since this is such a delicious and sweet treat, but there are many benefits to this fruit as well.

Sugar in Pineapple

While the sugar in pineapple is a natural form, it still comes in rather high quantities, providing the wonderful taste that so many people enjoy. For people who are diabetic, consuming too much sugar can cause spikes and drops in their blood sugar, due to their inability to properly make or utilize insulin. For most people, however, the sugar in pineapple can simply be added to their normal daily intake, provided that sugar doesn’t represent more than 10-12% of their daily calorie intake.

Sugar in Various Forms of Pineapple

sugar in pineapple

Not all forms of pineapple will have the same amount of sugar, so it makes a difference whether you are eating dried canned or fresh pineapple.


The fresh form of pineapple actually has the lowest amount of sugar, at roughly 14 grams of sugar per cup. This amount of sugar equates to approximately 75 calories. Fresh pineapple also has the fewest additives and other substances you may want to avoid.


Canned pineapple has far more sugar than the fresh variety, as it is commonly stored in sugary and enriched syrup to increase sweetness. A single cup of canned pineapple has approximately 34 grams of sugar.


Dried pineapple is a sweet treat, but it is packed with sugar, as there are 16 grams of sugar in one ounce of dried pineapple.

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