6 Best Yogurt Substitutes

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Yogurt is a creamy milk product made by fermenting milk with bacterial cultures. It is a tangy, sour food that is used for everything from breakfast to condiments in cultures around the world. People have many reasons to look for yogurt substitutes, from dairy intolerance to being vegan, and there are many options that can work for the same.

Yogurt Substitutes

The type of yogurt substitute you want to use is dependent on what you’re using it for. There are many yogurt substitutes available including sour milk, coconut cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, tofu, homemade dairy-free yogurt, and more.

Sour Milk

When baking or cooking, sour milk and buttermilk can be used to substitute of yogurt. They both provide high-fat contents with a similar sour tang.

Coconut Cream

For granola or smoothies, coconut cream or cottage cheese is an excellent alternative to yogurt.

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Homemade Yogurt

While you can buy pre-made dairy-free yogurts quite easily these days, many people avoid the pre-made options because of high sugar content, flavoring, and preservatives. Making your own homemade dairy-free yogurt is easy and it can also help to avoid sugar-laden calories.


Pureed silken tofu is a good non-dairy yogurt substitute when cooking. It is high in protein and has the same texture as yogurt. However, it lacks acidity, so adding a tablespoon of lemon juice will help to mimic yogurt’s tang.

Sour Cream

Dairy-free sour cream alternatives are great yogurt substitutes for making sauces and dips since the thickness and tang very similar to plain yogurt.

Greek Yogurt

Whole milk Greek yogurt is almost identical to sour cream. It contains less fat and has more protein and calcium, so many people choose to top off their tacos with the healthier Greek yogurt instead.

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