9 Surprising Home Remedies for Bone Spur

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The home remedies for bone spurs include the use of a cold pack, linseed oil, flaxseed hot pack, foot bath, turmeric, mild exercise, foot care, warm up, and weight loss.

What is Bone Spur?

Bone Spurs or osteophytes are extra bones that appear as a raised projection due to continuous pressure and wear and tear of the bones. This condition usually occurs at joints, hips, feet, spine, shoulders, knees and hands. A person suffering from this condition experiences severe pain in the region accompanied by inflexibility at that point. This occurs due to obstruction in free movement of the joint, leaving the person immobile. There are a number of home remedies that are easy to do and can cure bone spurs completely. Being educated, prepared, and a little cautious can prevent the further occurrence of bone spurs.

Home remedies for bone spur have become popular in all parts of the world. Bone spurs also referred to as osteophytes, are small projections in the bones which usually arise along the joints. They may appear smooth, but can also be sharp. They usually form at the hips, feet, spine, shoulders, knees, and hands.

bonespurCauses of Bone Spur

Bone spurs may arise due to several reasons, most of which are natural. It may occur due to aging, change in the calcium regime of the body, tissue degeneration, general wear, and tear, or physiological changes. Apart from these, being overweight, applying continuous pressure, and excessive usage of joints as in jogging, heavy exercise, racing, dancing or while playing games can cause bone spurs. Basically, the underlying factors are the tearing of cartilage, the softening of tendons and the gradual weakening of muscles.

Symptoms of Bone Spur

One can easily make out the presence of bone spur in the body. Some of the symptoms are summed up below:

Sharp or smooth projection beneath the skin

Restricted movement along the joints

Noticeable swelling

Severe pain

Most common in arthritis patients


Calluses and corns occur in the foot due to excessive tissue damage

There are simple and easy to perform home remedies that are readily available for treating bone spurs. Although home remedies can cure the condition to a large extent, if the problem persists, one must consult a doctor, as the growing bone spur can damage the surrounding nerves.

Home Remedies for Bone Spur

Cold Pack

You can use a simple ice pack to cure a bone spur. An ice pack is applied over the projected area and pressed softly. Alternating hot and cold packs also increases the blood flow to the affected area and are effective means of curing bone spurs.


Turmeric powder can be taken three times a day as it has used for many years for its healing properties. This alleviates the pain and cures bone spurs as well.


If the spur occurs at the heel, one can take a foot bath with alternating cold and hot water. It has been found to be an effective home remedy.

Foot Care

As per the Nevada Foot Institute, one can prevent the occurrence of bone spurs by reducing the excess pressure on the foot responsible for the discomfort.  This can be done by avoiding or changing tight shoes and keeping soft pads as inserts in your shoes.

bonespursinfoWarm Up

According to the Duke Health, one must be cautious regarding there movements before and after intense physical exertion. Before beginning any physical activity, the region affected by bone spurs must be warmed up with a slight massage or light movement. This will decrease the pain caused before and after the activity.

Mild Exercise

Mild exercises like yoga or asanas can be performed, both of which have been found to cause a gradual reduction and eventual elimination of bone spurs.

Linseed Oil

A clean cloth soaked in warm linseed oil should be kept on the area of the bone spur. Cover this with a heating pad to obtain relief from pain.

Flaxseed Hot Pack

A hot pack made up of flaxseed can be applied to the affected region. This has been found to help in relieving the pain due to bone spurs.

Weight Loss

Weight loss leads to a decrease in pressure over the affected region, especially with regards to foot-based bone spurs. One should reduce their body weight to avoid an excessive burden and undue pressure.

There is no specific diet regime to be followed during the course of the growth of a bone spur. However, by paying attention, and a little caution, one can remain protected from this painful condition.

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