9 Surprising Home Remedies for Bone Spur

by Meenakshi Nagdeve last updated - Medically reviewed by Dr. Brent Wells

Home remedies can help you live a happier and healthier life. Given below are some effective at-home remedies for the painful bone spur that keeps plaguing your existence:

Home Remedies for Bone Spur

Cold Pack

You can use a simple ice pack to help soothe the pain or reduce the swelling of a bone spur. An ice pack, applied over the projected area, is pressed softly for 15-20 minutes for relief. Furthermore, alternating between hot and cold packs can help increase the blood flow to the affected area.


Turmeric powder has been used for centuries because of its many healing powers. It can be taken three times a day to alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with bone spurs.

X-Ray of a foot from two different angles.

An X-Ray allows us to see the bones in detail. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


If the spur occurs at the heel, take a relaxing 10 to 15-minute foot bath with alternating cold and hot water.

Foot Care

As per the Nevada Foot Institute, you can prevent bone spurs by reducing the pressure on your irritated joint. Avoid tight shoes and change out of uncomfortable footwear as soon as possible. Additionally, keep soft pads as inserts in your shoes at all times.

Warm Up

According to Duke Health, it’s important to remain cautious about your body’s movements before, during and after physical exertion. Before beginning any physical activity, warm up with a gentle massage or some light movements. This will decrease your pain and increase your flexibility.

Mild Exercise

Mild exercises like yoga or asanas are ideal for bone spur management. Both have been found to cause a gradual yet noticeable reduction of bone spurs in all parts of the body.

Linseed Oil

A clean cloth soaked in warm linseed oil can be applied to the bone spur directly for quick and natural pain relief. Cover the area with a heating pad to increase this remedy’s pain-relieving power.

Flaxseed Hot Pack

A hot pack made up of flaxseed can be applied to the affected region as well. This home remedy helps relieve the pain and loosen the surrounding muscle tissues.

Weight Loss

Weight loss leads to a decrease in pressure over the affected region, especially with regards to foot-based bone spurs. One should reduce their body weight to avoid an excessive burden and undue pressure.

There is no specific diet regime to be followed during the course of the growth of a bone spur. However, by paying attention, and a little caution, one can remain protected from this painful condition.

This article is medically reviewed by Dr. Brent Wells, who is an Anchorage, Wasilla and Juneau Chiropractor. [1]

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