How to Cut Cabbage

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Knowing how to cut cabbage is critical for anyone planning a summer barbecue with coleslaw or preparing sauerkraut, but at first glance, this vegetable can be a bit daunting.

How to Cut Cabbage?

  1. Before you cut the cabbage, you want to properly prepare it, namely by washing the entire exterior of the cabbage and then removing the very outer leaves. These leaves are likely the ones with the largest residue of any pesticides or herbicides, and they will also be the limp and soft leaves – not ideal for any cabbage dish.
  2. Once the cabbage is washed and the outer layers are removed, you will want to cut the cabbage into quarters. Due to the size of the cabbage, you will want to use the largest knife in your kitchen for this to cut cabbage
  3. Once you cut the cabbage in half, revealing the core, cut each half of the cabbage in half again.
  4. From this point, you want to remove the core, which is more bitter and not in the form of leaves. The core can sometimes be pulled out, but making shallow cuts on either side of the core in each quarter will make it easier to pull this section out.
  5. At this point, while the quarters are still in one piece, you can roast or cook the cabbage, if that is part of the recipe. For cold recipes, however, you will want to cut the cabbage a bit further.

The easiest way to get consistent pieces of cabbage, slice downward on each quarter, making long cabbage strips out of each of the quarters. Once this is done, shred those long strips into the fluffy and crunchy cabbage shreds that make the perfect coleslaw! Protection Status
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