4 Wonderful Home Remedies for Adult Still’s Disease

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The home remedies for Adult Still’s Disease include increased intake of calcium and vitamin D, as well as alfalfa, bilberry juice, aloe vera juice, ginger, astragalus, and licorice. Behavioral treatments include consistent movement, exercise, and yoga. Various Chinese herbal decoctions have also been suggested, but allopathic treatment is still strongly suggested as a treatment for Adult Still’s Disease.

Home Remedies for Adult Still’s Disease

Astragalus and Licorice

Prednisone is a trusted and common allopathic treatment for many conditions in the human body. There are alternative treatments that have been shown to mimic the effects of prednisone. Astragalus and licorice are commonly used to replicate the effects of prednisone and they can help to eliminate the inflammation throughout the body, thanks to the numerous organic compounds, antioxidant components, and anti-inflammatory elements that they contain. Licorice tea and astragalus as an herb in your cooking are the easiest ways of inserting these two treatments into your regimen. adultstillsdisease

Alfalfa, Bilberry Juice, Ginger, and Aloe Vera Juice

These four compounds are considered some of the best natural treatments for inflammation of all types in the body. They can soothe inflammation of joints and muscles, eliminate pain in the bones and joints, and generally decrease the antiobodies that cause inflammation as a response to foreign pathogens. There are dozens of ways that you can include these helpful remedies in your lifestyle, including topical application of aloe vera and ginger, as well as consumption of all four in various food preparations.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Increasing your intake of vitamin D and calcium has been suggested as a natural, complementary treatment to allopathic remedies for Adult Still’s disease. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone growth and strength, which is closely related to pain in the joints and inflammation caused by this condition. Osteoporosis and arthritis are often connected as we get older, so Adult Still’s patients often suffer from bone degradation and inflammation, which combine for a very painful situation. Milk, leafy green vegetables, soybeans, cheese, and yogurt are some of the best calcium-rich foods, while fish, oysters, fortified cereals, eggs, and mushrooms are very high in vitamin D.

Exercise and Yoga

Obviously, Adult Still’s disease is primarily an inflammatory disease, which means that it affects the joints, tendons, bones, and muscles. Regular movement and exercise can help to keep the blood flowing to these areas and flexibility can be maintained, which is so often lost with inflammatory diseases. Consistent movement throughout the day can prevent flair ups, while 4-5 days of exercise per week, in conjunction with flexibility work through yoga can be important behavioral remedies for Adult Still’s disease. A Final Word of Caution: Since the complications of Adult Still’s disease can be life-threatening, it is important to consult a medical professional if you think you are suffering from this condition. While herbal remedies and at-home treatments are popular for those who believe in homeopathic remedies, steroids are the only known solution for this life-changing condition, so considering those clinical/allopathic methods is important.

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