Potato Sprouts: Are They Good?

Potato sprouts often appear when you store them for a long time. There are a few questions regarding these vegetables; is it safe to eat sprouted potatoes and how do you prevent them from sprouting?

Potato sprouts are certainly not healthier than normal potatoes. When they sprout, the starch in it is converted into sugar. Research has suggested that if the main part of the potato is still firm, then it has most of its nutrients intact and can be eaten after removing the sprouted part. However, if the potato is shrunken and wrinkled, it should not be eaten.

What about green potatoes? Green potatoes are a result of  being excessively exposed to light. After being overexposed to light, the skin becomes green due to the formation of an alkaloid called solanine which is toxic even in very small amounts. This poison is found in entire plant but the concentration is more in green potatoes and sprouts. And consumption of potatoes with green skin or sprouts of the potato plant may cause poisoning.  So it is essential to remove these before eating a potato. It is always advisable to not touch or consume any unknown plant. Its important to wash hands after working in gardens.

Symptoms of Potato Plant Poisoning

Symptoms of potato plant poisoning include headache, breathing trouble, vomiting, stomache and diarrhea. Its always advisable to contact your health specialist immediately to avoid any further issues.

Ways to Control Potato Sprouts

Potato sprouts can be controlled using various techniques such as temperature control, moisture control, use of chemical inhibitors and use of various oils such as clove oil

Chemical Inhibitors

Chemical inhibitors such as chlorpropham (isopropyl (N-3-chlorophenyl) carbamate CIPC,  maleic hydrazide are useful in controlling and preventing potato sprout.



Irradiation is another technique used to control potato sprouting.

Essential Oils

With the increasing demand of organic potatoes, research is being carried out on a more organic way to control potato sprouts. The University of Idaho has reported that essential oils such as clove oil, spearmint oil, carvone found in caraway seeds,  mint and peppermint oil can be used for organic potato sprout inhibition. These can also be used during sprouting of seed potatoes to ensure healthy crop.

Naphthalenes & Ethylene gas

Naphthalene and ethylene gas is effective in preventing potato sprout.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Potato sprouts can be inhibited temporarily by using hydrogen peroxide

Apart from these techniques, you should also ensure that you store potatoes properly. People often use the following precautions to minimize the formation of potato sprouts:

Temperature control

Higher temperatures can stimulate the formation of potato sprouts. Generally, the temperature for storing potatoes is suggested to be 44F to 50F. Storage at low temperature helps in delaying and preventing potato sprouts. Storing potatoes at low temperature helps to prevent sprout.

Moisture Control

Ensure that potatoes are not stored in a humid place because moisture speeds up the sprouting process. On the other hand, potatoes should also not get dehydrated.

Air Circulation

Ensure there is sufficient air circulation when you store potatoes

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Potato sprouts are not good- they contain glycoalkaloids which are toxic in nature. Hope this answers your question.