Rhabdomyolysis: Symptoms and Remedies

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Rhabdomyolysis is a terrible condition that affects the muscles, kidney function and overall health, and since there are a wide variety of causes for this dangerous health concern, it is important to understand everything about the diagnosis, including symptoms and potential remedies.

Remedies for Rhabdomyolysis

Remedies for Rhabdomyolysis are as follows:

Fluid Intake

If you are fortunate enough to only require home therapy for the treatment of rhabdomyolysis, then one of the best ways to moderate or manage the condition is to flood your body with fluids. In the hospital, you would be provided with intravenous fluids to flush the bloodstream of toxins, but you can do the same thing at home with water. Drinking water and other fluids will induce urination and the proper functioning of your kidneys, helping to clear out those toxic muscle components quickly. [1]

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Muscle pain can have harmful effects. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Cut Back on Exercise

If your rhabdomyolysis symptoms have been caused by intense physical exertion, such as daily workouts for an athletic team or high-intensity training for a marathon or bout, consider reducing the intensity slightly, as you may be doing more damage to your skeletal muscle than you think. Consult a personal trainer or sports doctor if you think you might be bringing rhabdomyolysis on yourself. [2]

Eliminate Drug Use

Illegal drug use can cause rhabdomyolysis or exacerbate the symptoms significantly if you are already suffering from this condition. Eliminate all illegal drug use immediately, particularly cocaine, as that has been directly linked to kidney damage and worsened symptoms of rhabdomyolysis. [3]

Increase Circulation

Since one of the most dangerous complications of rhabdomyolysis is certain tissues or muscles being cut off from the blood supply and dying or becoming permanently damaged, it is vital that you have good circulation to bring fresh, oxygenated blood and flush toxins out of the body and into the kidney. Some of the best foods to increase your circulation include oranges, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, dark chocolate, watermelon and goji berries. [4]

Improve Kidney Function

Obviously, if you can find a way to make your kidney work more efficiently at flushing toxins and detoxifying the body, that would be very helpful for a case of rhabdomyolysis. Some of the best foods and herbs to improve kidney health and improve its function include red peppers, cabbage, garlic, apples, raspberries, egg whites and olive oil. [5]

Discontinuation of Unnecessary Medications

The use of certain medications, or combinations of powerful medications, can lead to the onset of rhabdomyolysis. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis or are having issues urinating, speak to your doctor about possible interactions between your medications and cut back or discontinue unnecessary medications. [6]

Final Word of Warning

Although these home therapy remedies are good for preventing or minimizing the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis, this can be a very serious and potentially life-threatening condition, so medical attention is always recommended as a first precaution, and home remedies can then be chosen after the case is deemed less serious, or appropriate for home therapies.

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