3 Best Ways to Store Ginger

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Knowing how to store ginger is crucial if you love to cook with this potent and unique ingredient, particularly if you plan to buy in bulk and store for an extended period.

Best Ways to Store Ginger

There are a number of ways to store ginger effectively, including in the refrigerator, in the freezer, in a jar, in a bag, or even soaking in other liquids.


If you have a piece of raw, unpeeled ginger root and want to store it for a few days to a few weeks, get a plastic freezer bag and place the ginger inside. Be sure to squeeze out all the excess air and then store the bag in your crisper, where it should keep the ginger as fresh as possible. If you have already used some of the ginger and have left some of the inner root exposed, wipe that part of the root dry with a paper towel before storing. This should keep the ginger fresh for up to 3 weeks.

A wooden scoop of ginger powder with whole and sliced gingers on a wooden table

If you cannot source fresh ginger root, you can buy ginger powder for making teas. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


If you want to always keep ginger on hand for a recipe, regardless of the time of year, try storing your fresh ginger in the freezer. Similar to storage in the refrigerator, use a freezer bag with all of the air removed. You can store the ginger in the freezer for an indefinite amount of time, removing it only when you want to use some of this potent herb.

Note: You do not have to thaw ginger before using it; simply grate some of it off of the root. When the ginger root is frozen, it will actually be easier to peel and expose the flesh of the root you want!

Jar Storage

The last method of storage for ginger is when you have already cut too much of the root and want to save it for another time. Storing it in the fridge once it has been peeled will not prevent it from drying and shriveling, nor will you be able to use the freezer. When storing fresh ginger that has been peeled, add the shavings or slices to a small glass jar and cover the pieces completely with hard alcoholvodka or sherry is the most popular. This method will help to keep your ginger fresh for approximately 1 week. At that point, the alcohol may begin to take on a cloudy appearance; the ginger should be discarded after that occurs.

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