9 Amazing Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

Some of the most important and impressive health benefits of copaiba essential oil include its ability to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, protect against infection, heal the skin, prevent fungal growth, boost respiratory health, improve the health of the skin and hair, improve bladder control, speed healing, tighten the skin, and lower blood pressure.

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba essential oil is a distilled oil from an oleoresin called copaiba. This resin is produced as a sap of a tree in South America from the Copaifera genus. Although the resin itself can change color depending on the ratio of resin to essential oil, once the oil is distilled out, it should be pale yellow in color with a slightly bitter taste and an aroma that is reminiscent of the balsam of the tree. Copaiba is considered to be one of the most anti-inflammatory substances on earth, and yet much of the world only uses copaiba as a lacquer or varnish! However, in traditional medicine, this essential oil has been used extensively by indigenous people and is now spreading around the world.

copaibaThe active components in copaiba essential oil are quite powerful, consisting mainly of terpenes, which are hydrocarbons that can have significant effects on the functioning of our body. Fortunately for us, most of the side effects of the terpenes found in copaiba essential oil are very beneficial for our health. That being said, if you consume too much of this potent oil, it can cause stomach issues on par with food poisoning. Fortunately, allergies to this essential oil are rare, and it can be used both in topical applications and in a diffused state in aromatherapy. Let’s take a closer look at some of these valuable health benefits below.

Health Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

Skin Health: One of the most notable and popular health benefits of copaiba essential oil is derived from its astringent property. Copaiba’s active components literally tighten the skin, which can help skin look younger, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even strengthen the skin to prevent lesions or wounds as the body ages.

Skin Appearance: Not only does it protect the skin and physically change it, copaiba essential oil also heals the skin and infuses the body with powerful nutrients and organic compounds that can eliminate the appearance of blisters, marks, and pimples. In fact, copaiba essential oil is often topically applied to scars in order to speed their healing and reduce their visibility.

Respiratory Health: In an aromatherapy context, copaiba essential oil is often turned to by people suffering from some sort of congestive problem or respiratory issue. When inhaled, the soothing nature of the copaiba essential oil, which is famed as an anti-inflammatory substance, can ease any discomfort and loosen the tensed muscles and glands that might be causing the irritation.

Pain Relief: This seems to be something that everyone looks for, but few people find. Copaiba essential oil is a wonderful analgesic and has been used in this capacity for generations. Whether in an aromatherapeutic context or when topically applied, the oil can help to reduce pain and loosen muscles, eliminating pain in joints, and even easing the discomfort of headaches and migraines.

Eliminate Infection: The strong antibacterial nature of copaiba essential oil can act as a major booster for your immune system. It can act as a shield for your skin, protecting any wounds from developing an infection, and also protects you internally, eliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may be negatively affecting you from inside!

Anxiety and Mood: As an element of aromatherapy, copaiba essential oil has often been used to lighten the spirits and improve mood. There aren’t many essential oils that have such a sweet, pleasant smell of rich honey, but the combination of the scent and its gentle effects on your hormonal balance can significantly improve your day.

Diuretic in Nature: Copaiba essential oil can help to cleanse the body and detoxify the system by stimulating urination. As a diuretic substance, copaiba essential oil can help everything from incontinence to bedwetting when applied properly.

copaibainfoAntifungal: When it comes to fungal infections, there aren’t too many essential oils that can do the trick, but the unique terpene structures found in copaiba essential oil are very effective as antifungal agents. If you suffer from athlete’s foot or any sort of nail fungus, applying some copaiba essential oil should significantly speed up the healing process and protect you from future infections.

Lower Blood Pressure: If you are interested in boosting heart health and reducing your chances of experiencing a heart attack or a stroke, then adding some copaiba to your aromatherapy ritual or essential oil regimen might be a very wise choice. The anti-inflammatory, soothing nature of copaiba essential oil can help to relieve the tension and strain in your blood vessels, allowing blood pressure to drop and the strain to disappear from your cardiovascular system. This helps to prevent atherosclerosis, which is one of the leading causes of strokes and coronary heart disease.

A Final Word of Warning: As mentioned earlier, excessive use can lead to stomach problems, but generally, this essential oil is very safe. It may be rare, but if you’re willing to put in the effort to acquire it, copaiba essential oil can be a very powerful weapon in your ongoing journey towards great health!

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how to use capaiba oil on SLE/lupus patient,?


I buy directly from Eden's Garden website. I love them. They have some oils that are hard to find....and yes their prices for the quality are very reasonable. You also know where the oils are from, the country of origin. Their blog is very informative also. I trust them. I've been using essential oils since 1995 and lately there are a lot of rip off artists selling very low quality oils.


I have a client who gets headaches from peppermint and lavender. She gets migraines. This something I just sold to them.. happy people bc it will help with migraines. (:


I absolutely love YL. I have done thorough research. Have studied herbs off and on for over 20 years. (And still am) I like the evidence shown that they have grounds throughout the world for specific oils. You can't believe what everyone says about their competitor. There is no proof. Lack of professionalism to put down a company based off a few misguided people who want to help. FDA and big pharma is the last to trust.. for they are the ones who are in it for the money and do not wish people to be healed or helped with ailments. Doctors are trained to prescribe meds. Maybe.. two hours they even learn on nutrition when getting the phd.. so what would they know about herbs and the use of them? The price reflects the work put in to have a product with integrity. Not bashing doctors but there has to be a balance of understanding on both spectrum's. And yes I sale the oils. And a lot of times I give them away. Which I can't always afford.. but I know the individual will have results.


If you think about it, no one company can grow all of it's own plant
material used for the distillation of essential oils. They purchase
through "brokers" all over the world. I know because our company was
approached to quote YL through their broker. There are many good
companies out there to purchase from. My suggestion is "stop drinking
the kool aid" and do your research. Many good companies offer high
quality oils at FAIR prices. Do I think YL is fair...? absolutely not.
They are gouging the consumers and doing it off the backs of those
involved in their multi level marketing scheme!
And the reason the
FDA is crawling all over everyone is NOT just big pharma! It is MORE
because of the UNSAFE info being passed around by YL reps! It is illegal
to "Prescribe & Diagnose" unless you are a doctor. Natural or
other. The dangers of he info passed around by YL reps is quite
shocking! Our company has to conform to USDA standards as we are
ORGANIC. So we have never had an issue with our importing our oils to
America. We sell wholesale to many large companies. So I am confident
there are oils available that are high quality & of integrity! It
takes 75 lemons to make 1/2 ounce of essential oil. 30 pounds of
Lavender to make 1/2 ounce. Think about that, and the acreage needed to
grow. AND many plants only grow in certain places around the world! So
if you think YL grows their own EVERYTHING for all of their oils.... you
need to do the math!


YL never has claimed to grow all the plants for all their oils! They do import the highest quality from countries where the plant grows naturally and then is processed. Just because you are putting in a plug for your company doesn't mean you have to trash YL. What about Doterra, or is that who you work for? And just for your information YL reps are very aware of the laws pertaining to diagnosing and treating. You also need t do your homework.

Lisa Hendricks- Schutze

I like your response. May I ask for whom do you work? I refuse to get on the yl bandwagon. But I'm always looking for quality organic oils, not that easy for a reasonable price.


Thank you for your inquiry!
We have organic / pure& natural essential oils and carrier oils.

My husband is from India. He is a double PhD and has worked & traveled & purveyed goods workdwide.
We have our own distilleries and some farms as well.

As you may know, no company can possibly grow all their own plant material for the volume of oils they sell.

We procure raw plant material from native plants to India as well as worldwide and distill it.

We do not adulterate our oils.
We have no middlemen.
Because we have no middle men our prices are more competitive.

YL purchases through brokers. We know this as they have approached us for quotes at national organic conferences.

We do have a retail showroom is Hemlock, Michigan.

For those not in our area we offer Free Shipping for orders of $45 or more.

We are also happy to sell small scale wholesale to Natural
Practitioners, massage therapists, spas & cottage industry product
A tax ID number is needed for that.

We also have a wholesale division that supplies oils by 50
gallon drums / shipping containers to large essential oil companies in
USA, Europe, Switzerland, Australia etc.
We too provide to the cosmetic & fragrance industry.

So we are quite serious about what we are doing in trying
to get synthetic chemicals out of products and replace them with organic
/ pure & natural.

We are concerned about the toxic impact of synthetic chemicals on people & the environment.

If you have interest in seeing what we carry & pricing please feel free to let me know by private message with your return email so I can send info to you.

Also, Robert Tisserand has dedicated his life's work to EO's
and is a fabulous resource for information and he has a new book out Using
Essential Oils Safely. Probably the best book available for learning.
His dilution chart is trustworthy as well.
Many are not.

And we do not promote ingestion.
Most professionals that are seasoned, educated and serious about safe use do not promote ingestion.

I will help you with any info I have if you need!
Just let me know how else we may serve you!

Kind regards,
Director USA Sales & Marketing
Genesis Organic Essential Oils


why wouldn't you promote ingestion. oils like peppermint and lemon why wouldn't you ingest those you can eat their plants and fruit so if your oils are 100% why couldn't you ingest them. I know that all oils aren't safe but there are a lot that are


ingesting a drop of peppermint oil is like drinking a gallon of peppermint tea? why on earth would you do that?


I do it all the time. It makes me feel better I don't get heart burn when I do it. It also levels off my whole system


Hi layla
I do not own a business so I do not have a tax ID number. I am looking for quality essential for my own personal use. Would I still be able to purchase oils off you and if so do you shop to England?


Hello Vicki!

Let me see if there is any problem shipping oils to you from here.
I will let you know!

Kind regards,


Lisa private message me please and we can speak further. I will be happy to respond! 🙂 angelarts1 on gmail


Hi ProudSCresident,
I'm also a Young Living member. You're the first I've heard about using Lavender for cat allergies. How do you use it?? My husband is very allergic to cats, so I'd love to be able to supply some relief to him! I mainly just burn the oil, and I realize there's so many uses for Lavender, however I just want to know how you use it! Thank you !!!!


I put a drop under my nose. If my cat or seasonal allergies are really bad, I put a drop or two in water and drink it. For me the relief is instant! For seasonal allergies I may have to use it every couple of hours, but it's better than drugs!!!


Do u use carrier oil? I am very sensitive on my neck not sure about nose area yet. I am ready to kick these cats out! Who is more important me or cats...
I am a mucus factory and I don't hear the end of it when he gets a little cold...I am going to try lavender on nose with carrier. Maybe add copiaba for booster. I am desperate!


Personally, I don't use carriers for any of the oils, but I use only YL oils because of their purity. I like the fact that they grow and process their own oils, and they use unadulterated land that hasn't had fertilizers and pesticides used on it. I believe in the therapeutic nature of essential oils as God gave them to us, thus I believe that every step of growing, harvesting, and distilling them is important so that the oils remain pure and keep their healing properties. It amazes me how censored we "oilers" are because big pharma does not want this information out. Those of us who are fortunate to have some of the older written information on using essential oils have a wealth of knowledge. Everything written today is highly edited by the feds, and we are not allowed to speak of anything other than simple aromatic benefits. Essential oils are popping up on shelves everywhere, but all oils are not equal...but that's just my personal opinion. I am not a seller; just a personal user, but they have improved my health significantly. If you are sensitive to oils, I've heard it recommended that you apply to the soles of the feet because they have large pores that absorb the oils very efficiently into the body.


I love copaiba essential oil! It gives me immediate relief from sciatic nerve pain. I, too, only use Young Living oils because of their purity. I don't sell them, but I joined to order mine wholesale. Now, I feel as if I have a whole pharmacy at my fingertips, and I'm off of ALL of my sinus meds simply because of Lavender! My dr. was amazed! Lavender knocks my cat allergy out immediately if I go into a place where I didn't know there was a cat. I could go on and on. I wish everyone knew about this alternative form of natural healing, but ALAS, big Pharma wouldn't like that, now would they???


Thank you for posting the wonderful benefits about Copaiba! It truly is an amazing oil that I personally have just added to my wellness regimen. I am a distributor with Young Living, that's how I got mine. Prior to joining Young Living, I though that Essential Oils were only used as perfumes. Boy was I wrong! I'm so glad that I pursued and educated myself. I have changed so many things that I use for my personal hygiene, well being and cleaners in my home. I am so thankful for my oily journey. Thanks again for posting.


where can you obtain this oil?


I got mine online at Piping Rock - very nice!


Several reputable suppliers sell online. I'm an aromatherapist, if that's any consolation.


So not all oils are pure? I order through Edens Garden.

Meenakshi Nagdeve

Hello Joria,

You can check with stores that sell essential oils in your area else you can also purchase them online.

Team OrganicFacts


Plant Therapy also sells great oils at a reasonable price, and I trust them completely.

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