5 Best Mustard Powder Substitutes

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Using the right mustard powder substitutes is essential to properly replace this pungent spice in your favorite recipes. Made from finely ground seeds of the mustard plant, this powder is a common ingredient in many types of cooking. Also known as dried mustard or ground mustard, it has a zesty, pungent taste that is brought out by mixing it with a liquid, which releases the flavorful oil.

Best Mustard Powder Substitutes

Mustard powder is used to make prepared mustard but is also utilized in Indian, Asian, and European cuisines, where it adds a zing to sauces, marinades, curries, dressings, and many other dishes. Mustard powder substitutes are good to know, even though most supermarkets carry mustard powder in the spice section. That being said, since a small amount is usually all that is called for in a given recipe, buying a whole jar may not make sense if you don’t use it very often. If ground mustard isn’t something you keep in your pantry, there are many good replacements you can use instead. [1]

Whole mustard seeds, mustard powder, and bottled mustard on wood

Mustard seed powder has a spicy flavor when mixed with water. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Prepared Mustard

This is the basic condiment mustard, which is usually just mustard seed and/or powder mixed with vinegar. It makes a great replacement for the powdered form in most dishes. Use approximately three times as much prepared mustard when substituting for dried, as the flavor is less concentrated.


Made from a plant closely related to mustard, this common Asian spice has a similar flavor. Wasabi powder is the best substitute, but prepared wasabi will work the same as prepared mustard. The flavor is very strong, so a smaller quantity may be called for with this replacement, and allergies to this substance do exist, so use with caution. [2]


Another member of the same plant family, this pungent root is available in both powder and prepared forms. It can also be very potent, so start with a small quantity and gradually adjust to taste.

Grated horseradish along with a bunch of horseradishes tied up and placed on a rustic blue wooden surface.

Freshly grated horseradish is far more potent than the store-bought bottled version. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


This spice has a slightly different flavor than mustard powder but is also an effective substitute because the strength of the taste is so similar. Turmeric will also add a yellow hue to the dish while boosting your immune system and providing a burst of antioxidants in your dish! [3]


These spicy green leaves can be finely chopped and used in place of mustard powder in many sauces and marinades, although depending on the recipe, this may not be appropriate.

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