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Health Benefits of Lime

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The health benefits of lime include weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc.

The first fruit that comes to mind in terms of medicinal uses is the reliable lime. This sour citrus fruit can do what many advanced medicines cannot. Lime, bearing the scientific name Citrus Aurantifolia, has been used for ages in the treatment of various ailments.

Lime is consumed throughout the world in the form of sorbet, beverages, refreshing cocktails, pickles, jams, jellies, snacks, candies, sugar boiled confections and in cooking.  The oil extracted from its peel or skin is extensively used in soft drink concentrates, body oils, cosmetic products, hair oils, toothpastes, toilet and beauty soaps, disinfectants, mouth washes, deodorants and innumerable other products. There are many varieties of lime found all over the world, particularly in the tropical and the Mediterranean climates.

Health benefits of lime

Let’s take a look at the benefits and medicinal uses of lime.

Scurvy: Lime is very well-known as a cure for scurvy, the disease which is caused from a deficiency of vitamin-C. It is characterized by frequent infections that show as normal cold symptoms, cracked lips and lip corners, ulcers on the tongue and in the mouth. You can also spot scurvy from spongy, swollen and bleeding gums. Since its cause is a deficiency of vitamin-C, its remedy is none other than vitamin-C, and lime is full of this this essential vitamin.


In the past, soldiers and sailors were given lime to keep them safe from scurvy, which was a horrible and potentially fatal disease back then. Even now, it is distributed among the workers working in polluted environments like furnaces, painting shops, heat treatments, cement factories, mines, and other dangerous work environments to protect them from scurvy.

Skin Care: Lime juice and its natural oils are very beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. It rejuvenates the skin, keeps it shining, protects it from infections and reduces body odor due to the presence of a large amount of vitamin-C and Flavonoids. Those are both class-1 anti oxidants, and have antibiotic and disinfectant properties. When applied externally on skin, its acids scrub out the dead cells, cures dandruff, rashes, and bruises. It can also be used to create a refreshing bathing experience if its juice or oil is mixed into your bathing water.

Digestion: Lime has an irresistible scent which causes your mouth to water and this actually aids primary digestion (the digestive saliva floods your mouth even before you taste it). The natural acidity in lime does the rest. While they break down of the macro molecules of the food, the Flavonoids, the compounds found in the fragrant oils extracted from lime, stimulate the digestive system and increase secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids. This flood of flavonoids also stimulate the peristaltic motion. This is the reason behind lemon pickle with lunch and dinner being a traditional practice in India and various neighboring countries in that region.

Constipation: Primarily, the ample amount of acids present in lime helps clear the excretory system by washing and cleaning off the tracts, just as some acids are used to clean floors and toilets. The roughage in lime is also helpful in easing constipation, but the most beneficial element is the high acidity. An overdose of lime juice with salt also acts as an excellent purgative without any side effects, thereby providing relief from constipation.


Diabetes: According to the American Diabetes Association, limes and other citrus fruits are considered a diabetes super food for a number of reasons. Mainly, the high levels of soluble fiber found in limes make it an ideal dietary aid to help regulate the body’s absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, reducing the occurrence of blood sugar spikes that are a serious risk to to diabetic patients. Also, limes and other citrus fruits have a low glycemic index, which means that they will not cause unexpected spikes in glucose levels, in addition to the benefits of soluble fiber’s effect.

Heart Disease: That same soluble fiber which can help diabetics maintain their blood sugar levels can also lower blood pressure and eliminate the presence of LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol). Furthermore, soluble fiber can cut down on inflammation of the blood vessels, which is a known preventative measure against heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Peptic Ulcer:In addition to vitamin-C, lime contains special compounds called Flavonoids (Limonoids such as Limonin Glucoside) which have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antibiotic and detoxifying properties that stimulate the healing process of peptic and oral ulcers.

Respiratory Disorders: The flavonoid-rich oil that is extracted from limes is extensively used in anti-congestive medicines such as balms, vaporizers, and inhalers due to the presence of Kaempferol. Just scratching the peel of a lime and inhaling it gives immediate relief for congestion and nausea.


Eye Care: Vitamin-C again! Its anti oxidant properties protect eyes from aging and macular degeneration. On top of that, flavonoids help protect them from infections.

Arthritis: One of the many causes of arthritis is an excess of uric acid that builds up in the body. Uric acid is one of the waste products that normal urination will clear out of the body, but unfortunately, when too much builds up, it can make the pain and inflammation from arthritis even worse. The citric acid found in citrus fruits like limes is a solvent in which uric acid can dissolve, increasing the amounts that are eliminated in the urine. Citrus fruits in general have anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used for a number of inflammation issues.

Fever: If someone is suffering from a fever, limes and lime juice can be of great importance. Citrus fruits in general have fever-reducing qualities, and if the fever is very high, the patient’s diet should be restricted to lemon juice and water. However, if the fever is mild to moderate, other fruit juices, particularly citrus juices like lime juice, can be administered in order to bring the fever back a manageable level. Vitamin-C, found in high concentrations in citrus fruits, naturally lowers the temperature of the body.

Gout: There are two main causes of gout. The first source is the accumulation of free radicals in the body, and the second is accumulation of toxins in the body, primarily uric acid. Limes can help prevent both of these causes.  It is a wonderful source of antioxidants & detoxifiers (vitamin-C & Flavonoids) which reduce the number of free radicals as well as detoxifying the body.

limeGums: The root cause of gum problems is a deficiency of vitamin-C (Scurvy, which gives bleeding and spongy gums) and microbial growth. Sometimes, the ulcers come from physical trauma. In all of these situations, limes can help. Its vitamin-C cures scurvy, Flavonoids inhibit microbial growth and potassium and Flavonoids help heal ulcers and wounds.

Piles: Since lime helps heal ulcers and wounds in the digestive system and excretory system while providing relief from constipation, it eradicates all the root causes of piles. Piles are a different term for hemorrhoids, an uncomfortable condition that occurs in the anal region and can result in bleeding and discomfort both during excretion and general activity. It can also lead to certain forms of cancer, and limes can help prevent their formation or recurrence.

Cholera: Although it has disappeared in many parts of the world, cholera is still a dangerous and deadly disease in some places on the planet, and luckily, limes and other citrus fruits can help defend against this often fatal condition. The lime juice, when added to potentially infected water, proved to be a very effective disinfectant, and even when it was consumed regularly after someone had been exposed to cholera-infected water, fatalities were reduced. Numerous studies were done on this application of lime juice, particularly following the horrible outbreak of cholera in Guinea-Bissau in 1994.

Weight Loss: A glass of warm water with a full lime’s worth of juice in it is an excellent weight reducer as well as a brilliant refresher and antioxidant drink. The citric acid present in lime is an excellent fat burner. You can consume two glasses a day and see legitimate and remarkable results within a week.

Urinary Disorders: The high potassium content of limes is very effective in removal of the toxic substances and the precipitates which get deposited in kidneys and the urinary bladder. The disinfectant properties of limes also help cure infections in the urinary system. Furthermore, it stops prostrate growth (very common in males above 40) and clears blockage of urine that can come from calcium deposits in the urinary tract.

Other Benefits: It is a good appetizer and digestive. It can help to cure rheumatism, prostate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, fatigue and even high fevers (contrary to popular belief). The best part of it is that it has no negative side effects!

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    this is very true, my honey is losing weight because of drinking water with lime more than 2 glasses a day.

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    As for lime fruits, I agree about weight loss, fat burner! I drink lime juice with water and honey everyday. I found out about this fact a month ago and will continue drinking it forever evenwhen lime fruits are very expensive in summer. Another good thing I would like to share is about honey. Applying real honey over your face and leave it for 15 min., you will save a lot of money on expensive lotion.

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    can it cure high blood pressure.

    • Renata Threinen says:

      Magnesium helps cure blood pressure… you can try a spray on magnesium – or you can drink a product called CALM which is powdered magnesium. 1 glass will instantly "CALM" you and help you sleep and almost instantly in 30 mins or less bring down blood pressure. I am not a doctor but thought to share with you Blessings. If you spray magnesium on your skin the liquid magnesium it will ease joint pain AND reduce blood pressure it goes into the skin into the blood stream.

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    It Also helps If you have a throat infection. All u need to do is squeeze a lemon, add a tea spoon of salt and do gargles

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    I had total knee replacement and was taken 12 pain pills a day, when a friend told me about lime juice and made me a pitcher. Now I may take a few pain pills a day, but I sip on my lime juice through the day and at night. LOVE IT!

    • Marshall Tipton III says:

      Mix your lime with Stevia…Fill your blender with ice, add 2 limes 5 packets of Dtevia sweetener, 1 drop off liquid minerals + a 16oz bottle of drinking water. this makes the most delicious and healthy drink.

    • Amy Pugh Miller says:

      Marshall Tipton III would that be limes or lime juice lol

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      little know fact, but lime juice/pectin pulls heavy metals out, that is good for everyone in the modern world. I add stevia too, taste pretty good

    • Marshall Tipton III says:

      Amy Pugh Miller – That would be a peeled LIME, toss the peal. Use STEVIA as a sweetner. Best limeaide in the world!!! The whitish insides of the peel is very nutritive, referred to as Liminoid – a cancer fighter.

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    Yes I use lime in various ways: with sweet fruits, in water, with honey, when baking cakes, in crepe, you name it. It gives an enjoyable taste beside the health benefits.

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    lime mix with honey cures cold and cough. it's highly effective.

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    A friend recently told me that she and her church congregation all had a challenge with limes. Items: one gallon of distilled water and 6 limes. Cut the limes up into wedges of 4 which equals 24 limes. Pour about 3 or 4 cups of the water out and put limes in. Drink 6 ounces a day for 7 days and they say you feel great. So me and my husband are going to try it.

    • Jas DelaLuna says:

      That sounds brilliant! I quartered my limes as you instructed, I have too TaLL coffee mugs that hold about twice as much as a little mug. I put one wedge in each coffee mug, filled to the top with water, and covered with foil. My question is do I let the lime soak in the water at room temperature or should I put it in the fridge till its done soaking? and does my method sound good?

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