14 Best Foods High In Phosphorus

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Eating foods high in phosphorus is a very good way to boost bone and teeth health, while also improving key metabolic functions.

Phosphorus Foods

Phosphorus is a chemical element that is considered a mineral when discussing nutrition. Inorganic phosphorus is a critical part of all known organic life, as it plays a key role in the production of RNA and DNA, but that isn’t where the benefits of phosphorus stop. Eating phosphorus-rich foods is also important for normal growth patterns within the body, so this is an essential nutrient from birth. For adults, the standard recommendation is to consume at least 580 mg of phosphorus per day to avoid a phosphorus deficiency. [1]

Phosphorus is found in many commonly eaten foods, so these deficiencies are not overly common, but if you have a protein-poor diet, there is a good chance that your phosphorus levels are also low.

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Foods High in Phosphorus

The best foods high in phosphorus include cheese, shellfish, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pork, beef, salmon, brazil nuts, pork, low-fat dairy, and lentils, among others.


 In a single serving of cheese, you can take in more than 30% of your requirement for the day.


A five-ounce salmon filet will deliver about 400 mg of this key nutrient to your daily diet. [2]


Three ounces of shellfish can contain between 30-50% of your phosphorus needs.

Sunflower Seeds

Eating 100 grams of these seeds pushes your phosphorus intake beyond 120% for the day! [3]

Brazil Nuts

Snaking on one cup of these nuts will bring you an entire day’s worth of phosphorus intake.


1 cup of most bean varieties have between 200 and 220 mg of phosphorus, more than 33% of your daily requirement.


One cup of lentils will provide just over 35% of your phosphorus for the day.

Soy-based Foods

A three-ounce serving of tofu will provide roughly one-quarter of the phosphorus you need.


A single large egg contains 100 mg of phosphorus. [4]

Squash Seeds

100 grams of these seeds provides about 200% of this mineral.

Pumpkin Seeds

One cup of pumpkin seeds contains more than 150% of your daily intake requirement for phosphorus.


100 grams of pork also contains more than 240 mg of phosphorus, more than 40% of your daily requirement.


Just three ounces of grass-fed beef provides roughly 175 mg of phosphorus, just under 30% of your daily intake needs. [5]

Low-Fat Dairy

A cup of yogurt, for example, provides just under 40% of the phosphorus your body requires.

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