11 Amazing Home Remedies for Freckles

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Home remedies for freckles include the use of sour cream, fruit, lemons, honey, castor oil, and mustard in different forms. There are quite a number of people who suffer from freckles at some point of time in their lives. This cannot be considered a life-threatening health disorder in any way; however, it is embarrassing for some people to have dark or light spots on your skin, especially on the face. There are numerous home remedies to treat freckles naturally. You can regularly apply a sour cream mask on the skin with the patches of freckles and leave it on for a while before rinsing. Lemon juice has a strong bleaching effect that lightens freckles gradually. Masks made from fruits like strawberries and apricots can help remove those unwanted freckles. Lactic acid can also treat pigmentation, which is why you can use sour milk to treat the skin as well. Applying warm honey or horseradish juice on the face or the skin with freckles can prove to be very helpful.

According to Medicinenet.com, freckles are circular-shaped flat spots that develop on the skin. [1]

Home Remedies for Freckles

Home remedies for freckles include:

Sour Cream

Application of sour cream packs on the affected area of the skin will definitely help you to remove the freckles. The mask should be kept on the skin for few minutes and then gently wiped off with a tissue. Some moisturizer should be applied after that to keep the skin fresh and tender.

Lemon Juice

Lemon extract is said to have intense natural bleaching effects on human skin. You need to apply the lemon juice with your fingers on the affected areas, which will slowly lighten the freckles.

Fruit Masks

Fruit masks made of strawberries, cucumbers, or apricots can be used regularly in order to get rid of freckles.


Sour Milk Face Wash

Lactic acid has a specific property that lightens pigmentation on the skin effectively, without making it dry. If you can, use sour milk as a natural face wash every day to rinse your freckled skin. It will gradually lighten the darkness and make your skin smoother.


Warm honey is another useful home remedy for freckles. Add a small amount of wheat germ to the heated honey and then apply it gently on the skin with your fingers. Now, you can wash off the honey with lukewarm water and then rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

Vegetable Juices with Creams

You can mix the juices of certain vegetables like parsley, lemon, and even orange with skin cream and apply it in on the freckles. This will gradually eliminate the spots completely.

Castor Oil and Vitamin E

Application of castor oil on the skin before going to bed will help remove freckles from the skin. You can also use Vitamin E creams or directly consume vitamin supplements to remove those ugly spots.


Grind some yellow mustard seeds and mix them with milk to make a mask. It is suggested to apply this at night and then go to bed. Wash it off in the morning and see the marks begin to slowly fade.


It has been reported that onions work effectively on freckles and other marks on the skin. Red onions should be halved and the slices must be rubbed on the marks. Gradually, the marks will start disappearing.

Turmeric and Sesame

Make a mixture of turmeric paste and crushed sesame seeds with a little water and apply it on the skin. This is a useful pack that removes patches of freckles effectively.

Watermelon with Rice

Take a watermelon and make a hole inside it. Then, put some rice grains inside and leave it like that for a week. Take the grains out and prepare them as a paste to be applied on the freckles to get fast results.

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