8 Best Garlic Salt Substitutes

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Made from a mixture of dehydrated garlic and salt, garlic salt is a wonderful spice that adds a flavor of garlic and salt to any dish. It is mostly used in preparing bread, pizzas, scones, and muffins. Moreover, it is a flavorful ingredient in meat preparations, marinades, spaghetti sauces, and salad dressings. Worry not if you cannot find garlic salt. Select the best suitable garlic salt substitute from the below list and rock the kitchen!

Garlic Salt Substitute

Garlic powder and salt is a common garlic salt substitute. Other alternatives include a mixture of table salt and any forms of garlic like minced garlic, garlic juice, garlic flakes, or granulated garlic.

Garlic Powder and Salt

A mixture of garlic powder and salt make for the best substitute for garlic salt. The ideal preparation of garlic salt includes a ratio of one portion of garlic and three portions of salt. You can follow the same or alter the quantity of any ingredient for soothing your taste buds. [1]

Wooden bowls of garlic powder and sliced garlic with whole and peeled sliced garlic kept on a mat on a wooden table

Garlic powder has a long shelf life and can be added to many dishes like soups and stir-fries. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Minced Garlic and Salt

Dishes that require sautéeing can be easily prepared with minced garlic and salt in absence of garlic salt. To match the taste of 1 teaspoon of garlic salt, use a mixture of 1 teaspoon of minced garlic and 3/4th teaspoon of salt.

Garlic Flakes and Salt

Garlic flakes and salt is a combination that will easily replicate the taste of garlic salt in your hamburger, pizza, or taco filling. 1 teaspoon of garlic salt can be replaced with 1 teaspoon of garlic flakes and 3/4th teaspoon of salt.

Granulated Garlic and Salt

For your mushroom or tomato soup, this combination provides a unique flavor just like garlic salt does. 1/2 teaspoon of granulated garlic and 3/4th teaspoon of table salt matches the taste of 1 teaspoon of garlic salt.

Garlic Juice and Salt

Garlic juice is easily extractable from fresh garlic and when you add table salt to it, the combination works as a great ingredient in marinades, salad dressings, soups, and hummus. 1 teaspoon garlic juice and 3/4th teaspoon of table salt in place of 1 teaspoon of garlic salt can very gracefully blend in your marinades.

Three bowls full of white powders of different textures on a rustic surface

Pick your garlic substitute. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Garlic Oil and Salt

It is slightly difficult for salt to dissolve in oil but when you use hot garlic oil, this mixture can add quite an aromatic flavor to your salad dressing. Use 1 teaspoon of garlic oil with a 3/4th teaspoon of table salt to substitute garlic salt in your soup preparations.

Spice Mixes

Many a time, when nothing comes to the rescue, you can experiment with various spices that contain garlic as a crucial ingredient.

Note: Substituting garlic salt with any of these alternatives not only gives you a good flavor but also liberty of adjusting the salt level, which can help in maintaining a low-sodium content in your dish.

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