10 Wonderful Foods for Healthy Skin

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When it comes to healthy skin, the healthy foods to eat include citrus fruits, pumpkin seeds, carrots, olive oil, certain types of fish, almonds, and much more.

In terms of improving the health of their skin, people look out for many options. Some immediately think of reducing the effects of the sun, while others may be more concerned with eliminating wrinkles, clearing up blemishes, or enhancing the tone of their skin. Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is not only the most susceptible to outside forces but also the literal “face” that we show the world. Wanting to keep it healthy and looking great is important, so it is essential to understand what your skin needs to stay in its top form. [1]

Our skin cells may regenerate quickly, but they deal with attacks from all sides, both internally and externally. It is susceptible to weather conditions, physical damage, temperature changes, moisture fluctuation, radiation, free radicals, and many other factors. Protecting our skin from all these situations requires a wide arsenal of healthy tools and nutrients. These tools can come in the form of vitamin A, E, C, antioxidants, zinc, fatty acids, and many other nutrients, some of which may surprise you. [2]

Foods for Healthy Skin

Check the best foods for your skin and get a radiant and younger looking appearance;


While this isn’t the first thing that many people think of in terms of keeping a healthy skin, certain types of fish, such as mackerel, salmon, anchovies, trout, and herring contain significant levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered ‘good’ forms of cholesterol in the body. These fatty acids help to protect against damage from the sun, reduce the risk of skin cancer, facilitate the smooth passage of fluid in the cells, strengthen skin cell membranes, and even reduce inflammation of dermal cells. Adding some fish to your diet is a surefire way towards healthy skin. [3]

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have a uniquely high content of zinc, which is one of the most important minerals for healthy skin. Zinc increases the regeneration of skin cells, helps to maintain collagen levels along with vitamin C, and strengthens cell membranes. [4]

Citrus Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are very important for skin, and citrus fruits are famed for their high levels of vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is an essential part of collagen production, which composes intracellular tissues, muscle tissue, blood vessels, and organs. With high levels of vitamin C, your skin will be protected against free radicals, as vitamin C works as an antioxidant to prevent premature aging and wrinkles, while also promotes faster healing of wounds and blemishes. [5]

Green Tea

The combination of antioxidant compounds in green tea work as a defense against skin cancer. Furthermore, green tea contains tannins that can act as astringents, thereby reducing the signs of wrinkles on the skin. [6]

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Staying hydrated is an excellent way to maintain healthy, shiny skin. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


All nuts are beneficial for your body in some way, but almonds specifically have impressive levels of vitamin E, which naturally protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Essentially, the vitamin E in almonds can help to prevent skin cancer and also functions as an antioxidant to slow the signs of aging. [7]

Olive Oil

Olive oil benefits your skin both, internally as well as externally. The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil help to reduce inflammation or irritation on the skin, while the antioxidant properties help to prevent more serious internal damage. Also, when rubbed on the skin topically, olive oil can soften the skin and reduce wrinkles. [8]


We all know that vegetables are an important part of a daily diet. Broccoli’s significant levels of both vitamin C and E make it an ideal dual defense for the health of your skin against the sun and the damaging effects of free radicals. [9]

Whole Wheat

A slightly rarer mineral in our normal diet is selenium and it is found in large quantities in whole wheat bread and pasta. Selenium strengthens the external skin cells and also increases flexibility and elasticity to keep your skin looking young for longer. [10]

Low-fat Dairy Products

Vitamin A breaks down into beta-carotene, which is directly linked to improving skin health. Dietary vitamin A also acts as a powerful antioxidant, which is present in high percentages in dairy products. [11]


Perhaps the most obvious solution for skin care is the one most people forget about. Water it is! It helps to flush toxins out of the body by increasing urination and promoting the health of the kidneys. Being well-hydrated also means that your cells are healthier, your skin looks smoother, and your organs are functioning at an optimal level. [12]

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