Home Remedies for Backaches

Some of the home remedies for backaches include raw potato, lemon juice, chebulic myrobalan, cabbage, milk, vitamin C, garlic, bishop weed, whole oat, vinegar, mint, turpentine oil, glucose, honey, khas khas grass, sugar candy, proper diet, fomentation, yoga, and maintaining correct posture.

What is a Backache?

A backache refers to the constant mild or chronic pain in the back of one’s body. It occurs for several reasons, including irregular lifestyle, food habits, or as a result of various diseases. It can be treated effectively with various home remedies.

A backache refers to the constant pain felt in the back, especially the middle and lower back areas. The kind of lifestyle, working conditions, sitting at a computer for long hours, and food habits are responsible for backaches. It has been found that they may occur due to holding improper posture for long periods of time. Wearing high heels also results in strenuous stretching of the muscles, resulting in backaches. Some of the other causes of backaches include carrying heavy things on your back, pregnancy and certain diseases like kidney disorders, irregularity in the menstrual cycle, meningitis, obesity, influenza, osteoporosis, or arthritis.

Symptoms of Backaches

Backaches are characterized by the following symptoms-

Pain in the lower or middle back portion

Pain sometimes spreads to the hips and waist

Pain is felt between the hips and upper legs

At times, it becomes too difficult to alter from one position to the other

When backaches are due to spondylosis, the spine becomes inflexible.

Backaches can be prevented and even cured by taking a few remedial measures. Some of the home remedies have been explained below.

Home Remedies for Backaches

Home Remedies for Backaches are as follows:

Raw Potato

Raw potato can be spread over a soft cloth and wrapped around the portion of back, undergoing pain. It has been widely performed for lower backache problems and has shown promising results.

Lemon Juice

Extract juice from lemons by squeezing it and add half a teaspoon of salt to it. This can be applied over the painful region and has fast relieving action. It is also one of the easiest home remedies for backaches.

Chebulic Myrobalan

Fruit of chebulic myrobalan, which is called ‘haritaki’ in Hindi has been found to give great relief from backaches if consumed after meals.

BackacheCabbage and Milk

One of the easiest home remedies to perform is boiling cabbage leaves in milk until a thick jelly-like paste is formed. This is spread on a cloth and can be used to cover the portion of your back undergoing pain.

Vitamin C

It has been observed that vitamin C uptake can result in quick relief from back pain. Vitamin C is found abundantly in citrus fruits. Therefore, you should make it a habit to consume some sort of citrus fruit every day. The effect may be noticed within a day or two.


Consuming 3 to 4 cloves of garlic is a remedy that is related to decreasing your backache. 8 to 10 cloves of garlic can be fried in mustard or coconut oil, and then mashed to get a viscous paste. This can also be applied on the back area that is painful to get immediate relief.

Bishop Weed

Bishop Weed, also referred to as ‘ajwain’ in Hindi, can also be used in backache problems. A handful of bishop weed is tied in a piece of cloth and tied properly. This bundle is then dry-heated over a container. When warm, this can be removed from the container and applied over the painful parts. This gives fast relief from back pain and has been used for ages.

Whole Oat and Vinegar

Prepare a mash made of whole oat in vinegar and boil it. Apply this hot mixture on the painful area.

Mint and Turpentine Oil

Oil of mint and turpentine can also be used as a home remedy for relieving backaches. These should be rubbed on the sites of the pain. They are present in the majority of pain relief ointments.

Glucose or Honey

It is also found that drinking glucose with lukewarm water or honey is beneficial in pain relief.

Khas Khas Grass and Sugar Candy

A mixture of khas khas and sugar can be mixed and applied to the painful areas to relieve backaches.

Proper Diet

it is advisable that an individual with back pain must have a balanced diet. Milk, juice, sprouts, and fruits must be taken regularly each day. Steamed vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and cabbage should also find a place in your food chart. Spicy, oily, and heavy foods, as well as tea, coffee, sweet dishes, and curd, must be eliminated as soon as you begin suffering from a backache.



As per Bio-Medicine, fomentation or hot treatment have always shown positive results in alleviating backaches. Take a cloth and dip it in warm water. This cloth can now be applied on the back to give immediate relief to those painful areas.


It has been found that yogic asanas are extremely good for completely curing backaches. Certain asanas, such as shalabhasan, uttanpadasan, bhujangasan, and shavasan can be performed regularly to eliminate this annoying ailment.

Correct Posture

Maintaining appropriate posture during long hours of strenuous work and while sleeping is advisable. A person complaining of backaches must go on regular walks and perform daily exercise. This provides relaxation to the strained muscles and joints. One should strictly avoid wearing high heels, as they can constantly put pressure on your back pain.

According to Sentara Medical Group, one must remain aware of their back’s natural curves and try to maintain them in correct positions. Sleeping on a firm mattress would help to relieve unnecessary stress. With a small amount of care and a slight modification of your lifestyle, you may get rid of your backache quickly.

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