8 Amazing Home Remedies for Duodenitis

Home remedies for duodenitis include the use of banana, honey, carrot juice, raw cabbage, food containing high fiber content such as oats, barley, lentils, and fruits rich in vitamin A, such as tomatoes, peaches, and watermelon.

What is Duodenitis?

In medical terms, duodenitis is an indication of inflammation of the duodenum. Duodenum is a part of the small intestine and is connected to the stomach. There are three types of duodenitis namely 1) chronic and acute, 2) non-erosive and erosive, and 3) post-bulbar and bulbar. Often, people suffering from duodenitis complain of stomach pain and gastritis.

Symptoms of Duodenitis

The symptoms of duodenitis can be a pain in the abdomen, discomfort, damage to the intestines and liver, pain around the navel, vomiting, and nausea. One can also feel a burning sensation in the stomach. Duodenitis is often an infection caused by the bacteria in the stomach. Duodenitis can further lead to duodenal ulcers that develop in the small intestine, thus causing more pain.

The main reason for duodenitis can be a bacterial infection in the stomach. The treatment of duodenitis is similar to that of the duodenal ulcers. Certain medications can also lead to duodenitis. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should be discontinued or even completely avoided. It is also possible that if the inflammation is severe enough, it can cause intestinal obstruction.


Home Remedies for Duodenitis

These home remedies for duodenitis can be effective on people at different rates, depending on the intensity of the cause. Precautions need to be taken at all times until it is completely cured. If immediate attention is not given, it can further lead to duodenal ulcers as well.

High Fiber

Food containing high fiber such as oats, barley, lentils, carrots, beans, and soy products is very good and effective in reducing the cause of the duodenitis.


Chamomile/Dandelion Tea

Either cold chamomile tea or lukewarm dandelion tea can also heal many kinds of infections. The intake of these teas should be twice a day at proper intervals.

Vitamin A

Any fruit that is rich in vitamin A should be taken at regular intervals throughout the day. Some of these examples are watermelon, peaches, carrot juice, raw cabbage, oranges, and blackberries, as they all reduce the risk of duodenitis.


The daily consumption of one bowl of yogurt can help reduce pain and calm down the intestinal system. It will also lessen the stomach pain associated with duodenitis.

Butter Milk

Consumption of buttermilk is the best and simplest remedy for duodenitis. For better results, one can add black pepper powder or cumin seeds powder to a glass of buttermilk and consume this at regular intervals; 2-3 times a day is the recommended dosage.


Lemon juice helps to clear the bacteria, thus improving the digestive system. It also removes harmful substances from the stomach and can help cure duodenitis.

Pomegranate Juice

Half a glass of pomegranate juice with a tablespoon of honey, taken twice a day, can also help cure duodenitis.


In case you choose to use honey, make sure to choose raw honey. There are many delicious ways to add honey to your normal diet and enjoy its many benefits for the treatment of duodenitis by helping to reduce the inflammation in the stomach.

You can spread the honey on bread solely made of wheat or mixed-grains and one should consume it at regular intervals. One should make a habit to include honey in meals regularly. It is good for health and helps in keeping a lot of diseases and allergies away.

Things to Avoid for Duodenitis

There are a few things which should be completely avoided:

  • Avoid smoking and the intake of alcohol, as it aggravates the chances of developing ulcers.
  • Avoid extreme stress levels
  • Avoid consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen
  • Avoid excessive amounts of spicy food
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Mohammed Sharief

Thank you Sherrie.... It helps me a lot .. Infact feeling much better after following your said instruction.. GOD BLESS 🙂

Sherrie E Gatenby

Stay away from all grains and root veggies and cheese, and I find pork also aggravates it, sets me off big time. I just got in now from having a gastro scope done and I am full of inflammation again. I ate stuff over the Easter weekend that I should never put in my body, now I am in agony.

I have a 10 yr old that they say has this. At her 1st x-ray it was said she has a stone in her appendix, now after CT Scan they say this Duodenitis... "Something" has been making her have severe stomach pains, fever, tired, nausua, dizzy, even numbness in legs about every 2 weeks for the last about 9 months, about 5 days after treated with antibiotics she is sick again. Anyone have simular problems and have any idea's? 1st time at GI doc monday.. I'm lost at what to do, any idea's?

monique what ever came of your daughter's illness:??? my son is experiencing very similar symptoms

I had similar symptoms, totally weird stuff. Had a small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Too many bad docs told me to just take a vacation. Finally found a good one, got diagnosed, treated, and better. Then...the relapse! They now suspect Crohn's disease. I can't help but feel that I'd be better if I hadn't been forced to stay sick so long the first time. How is your son?

My daughter had this problem when she was in middle school. We finally got a doctor who told us to absolutely stay away from anything with high fructose corn syrup. This really worked for her!

When I was 10 I had it, too. Back then I had to stop eating fat. Over time it healed up. Nothing else bothered it, but fat.

Sherrie E Gatenby

Take her off all grains and root veggies and see how she is after that...works for me

Ningthoujam Manisana


just what I was looking for.

Kevin Chittenden

I will try these foodstuffs because this illness? I s painful.

very helpful in convincing my husband for treatment.

Sanjay Ganeshkar

good to have information.

I would be cautious using Lemon juice; all citric fruit contains Acid which can aggravate your stomach walls further especially if you are suffering from Gastritis.

Gourav Dixit Dixit

use it

I am constantly in pain. Cat Scan and MRI showed nothing. I went for Endoscopy which showed excessive inflammation. Doctor did a biopsy and I'm waiting for results to see if it's bacterial. I have been eating Turmeric Organic Sauerkraut and organic Sauerkraut. it's amazing how much its been helping the with pain. Everyone should have a daily intake of Sauerkraut.